Disgaea 3 to blight US PS3s

Nippon Ichi's Netherworld-set strategy-RPG series descends on Sony's latest console in August.


NIS America is preparing a Prinny Barrage for the PlayStation 3. The domestic branch of Japanese publisher Nippon Ichi Software today announced that it will be bringing the latest installment of the Disgaea strategy-role-playing game series to North America later this year.

Blunt trauma: What else are friends for?
Blunt trauma: What else are friends for?

Originally released last month in Japan, Disgaea 3 introduces a new main character and supporting cast, much like the series' first sequel. However, staples like the Netherworld setting and the abundance of knife-wielding penguin helpers known as Prinnies will return, ensuring that the game retains some aspects that are distinctly Disgaea in nature. As in previous games, Disgaea 3 will feature 2D characters and 3D backgrounds.

Gameplay mechanics from previous Disgaea games will also be returning, as the third installment in the franchise will once again see players level up their equipment as well as their characters in Item Worlds. The Geo Panel system, by which certain colored squares in each level confer bonuses or penalties for the characters who occupy them, will also return. However, Nippon Ichi is throwing in some new wrinkles to the gameplay, including a Geo Block system that allows players to change a level's landscape and access hard-to-reach areas.

Disgaea 3 has been rated T for Teen and is scheduled for an August release.

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