Discovery Plus Releases Chopped 420, And It's Exactly What You Think It Is

Comedian Ron Funches hosts a new cooking show that hits different.


Because this is the American high holiday of April 20, Discovery+ has just released every episode of the new series, Chopped 420. Hosted by the perpetually jovial comedian Ron Funches (Harley Quinn, BoJack Horseman), the series is an official spinoff of the similarly named Food Network cooking game show, Chopped, only, you know, with weed.

"I did an episode of Chopped despite the fact that I had no cooking skills and no experience," Funches recently told Forbes about the genesis of Chopped 420. "Years go by, and the next thing I know, I'm on a phone call where they're telling me they're bringing cannabis to the Chopped formula."

Despite the obvious gimmick--and other previous existing shows knocking around streaming services taking the concept far less seriously--Chopped 420 is being billed as a legitimate cooking show, just with different criteria, ingredient challenges, and likely too many "pot" puns. The formula and themes are similar to the original series, where you learn about the contestants, and they are thrown culinary curveballs to elevate (get it?). Funches says he's especially proud of how the show spotlights female chefs, particularly as the pandemic--which has hit the restaurant world especially hard--hopefully winds down.

"Watching people's journeys is probably one of my favorite things in any reality show," said Funches. "I love learning about the contestants and rooting for someone… you don't have to be high to watch it. If you like food and fun and comedy shows, you'll like this."

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