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Resident Evil Fans Can Save On The Official Board Game Adaptations At Amazon

Amazon has a trio of Resident Evil board games for nice prices right now, including the popular Resident Evil 2 cooperative experience.


Amazon is currently discounting a variety of Resident Evil board games, giving you a chance to bring the terror to your tabletop without breaking the bank. The best deals are for the board games based on Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. In the case of Resident Evil 2, Amazon has limited quantities and has already sold out of over 60% of its stock.

Resident Evil Board Game Deals

Originally released for $110, Resident Evil 2: The Board Game is now selling for $56.20. That's one of the best prices we've seen in months, making it a great time to check out the cool board game. Resident Evil 2 is a cooperative survival adventure for you and up to three other players. You play as Leon, Claire, Ada, and Robert, with the ultimate goal of surviving the terrors wreaking havoc in Raccoon City. Along with all the cards and board tiles you need to play the game, it includes 24 plastic miniatures (such as G-Mutant and Birkin Stage 3).

Meanwhile, Resident Evil 3's board game adaptation is also a cooperative experience for up to four players. You play as survivors trapped in Raccoon City with bloodthirsty monsters. Like Resident Evil 2, this board game comes with miniatures (28 of them), over 200 cards, a rulebook and scenario book, double-sided game board tiles, terrain elements, dice, and everything else you need to enjoy this tabletop game.

Resident Evil 2: The Board Game
Resident Evil 2: The Board Game

If you want to add even more horror to your tabletop collection, the original Resident Evil: Board Game is on sale for $72, down from $100. This version also includes a variety of miniatures but sees you playing as Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Rebecca Chambers, or Barry Burton as you search for survivors across 19 unique scenarios.

Looking for a chilling board game experience beyond Resident Evil? Take a look at Mansions of Madness, which is on sale for $88 (down from $110). It tasks five players with investigating haunted mansions throughout Arkham as they attempt to solve a mystery, and its four campaigns offer plenty of replayability.

And if you're a fan of deckbuilders, you can check out the Alliance base set of the Resident Evil Deckbuilding Game for $50. Fair warning: Alliance released way back in 2011, so it's dated at this point and no new sets are actively being developed. The original Resident Evil Deckbuilding Game is hard to find for a remotely reasonable price--it's currently $180 on Amazon--so curious Resident Evil fans can give Alliance a chance for a much lower price.

Alliance is a core set with 250 cards; everything you need to start playing this tactical card game is in the box. It supports two to four players and each game lasts roughly 30 minutes. You can add to your experience with the Outbreak expansion deck, which is available for $32 at Amazon and comes with 150 cards.

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