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Disco Elysium On Sale At Steam, Includes New Update With Hardcore Difficulty

This is one hardcore Disco.


Disco Elysium is riding high on critical acclaim, and developer ZA/UM have rolled out a new update that makes the game even tougher for you experienced gumshoes. The update is paired with a sizable discount on Steam as well, letting you jump in for cheaper if you missed it.

The new Hardcore mode raises the threshold of every Check, reduces the amount of money to go around, raises pharmaceutical prices, and makes your few remaining possessions that much more important. You'll have to rely on booze and cigarettes to get you through, and the Thought Cabinet debuffs are more impactful. On the flip side, you'll level up a little faster. The update also includes ultrawide support.

As part of the Steam Lunar New Year Sale, Disco Elysium and its associated DLC are 20% off. That brings the game to $32, down from the usual $40. The soundtrack and art booklet are $16, down from $20.

Disco Elysium was a standout last year, earning a rare 10/10 in GameSpot's review and a spot as one of our best games of 2019. You can hear much more about how its design process came together in our recent Audio Logs feature, which focuses on the complex creation of the Thought Cabinet feature.

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