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Disco Elysium Expansion And Sequel Canceled - Report

24 employees are reportedly in danger of being let go.


Disco Elysium developer ZA/UM is reportedly facing some issues, including staff cuts and canceled projects.

According to a report from GLHF, the standalone expansion for Disco Elysium, codenamed X7, has been canceled. ZA/UM president Ed Tomaszewski reportedly said that it was at least a year or two away from being completed and it would've taken more time and effort to develop than the original Disco Elysium did.

24 employees, or about a quarter of ZA/UM's workforce, are on the verge of being let go. CEO Ilmar Kompus reportedly told staff that layoffs would impact the teams working on X7, such as its writers and engineers, as well as those not working on it and those in non-development roles. Those include 3D, 2D, and technical artists, production IT, and animation departments.

Furthermore, Disco Elysium's sequel, codenamed Y12, was reportedly canceled in 2022, and the development of a new sci-fi RPG, P1, was reportedly paused last year.

GameSpot has reached out to ZA/UM for comment regarding this report.

ZA/UM has faced controversary in the past few years due to key Disco Elysium developers leaving the company back in 2022. The developers claimed they were ousted and defrauded but ZA/UM said they were fired for misconduct.

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