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GameSpot and Splash Damage have teamed up to offer a ton of beta codes for their newest shooter, Dirty Bomb an online free-to-play multiplayer FPS.

What’s Dirty Bomb? “Dirty Bomb takes first person shooters back to their purest roots in a fast-paced team game that will challenge even the most competent players. This game won’t hold your hand, in fact it is more likely to kick your teeth in. With no controller support or aim assist, all that lies between you and certain death is player skill and reaction. Work together or die alone in the most challenging team-based FPS.” Learn more about Dirty Bomb in our interview with Splash Damage, the developer behind the futuristic London-based shooter.

The keys here are for the Merc Starter Pack, which includes the following:

  • Access to the closed beta
  • 35,000 in-game credits – Get a head start on unlocking Loadout Cards to customize your new Mercs, or keep your credits in the bank for when the next new Merc becomes available
  • Unlocks five full-time Mercs:

o Proxy – Fast, agile close-quarters warrior equipped with close-range weaponry and proximity mines

o Vassili – Long-range sniper capable of taking out enemies from a distance. Heartbeat sensor highlights enemies, even through walls

o Sawbonez – Media equipped with SMG perfect for CBQ. Can revive and heal teammates.

o Arty – Support specialist capable of calling in artillery salvos. Can throw ammo packs to keep teammates loaded.

o Fragger – Aggressive point man with a big gun, lots of ammo and devastating Frag grenades.

The immediate beta access is only good until open beta, but you’ll still have the five unlocked Mercs and the in-game credits, which are useable indefinitely.

How do you enter to win? Simply enter the required information, users will have a 50-50 chance to get a key on the first try. Didn’t get one the first time around? Try again.

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