Director of The Grudge Partners with Clock Tower Creator to Launch Horror Game

Team includes staff who worked on Silent Hill, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania.



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Hifumi Kono, creator of cult-classic horror game series Clock Tower, has partnered with film director Takashi Shimizu to launch a Kickstarter for horror game Project Scissors: NightCry. Shimizu is best known for directing horror film The Grudge, an adaptation of his Ju-on series.

Project Scissors: NightCry has a crowd-funding goal of $300,000 and is being developed by Japanese studio Nude Maker. The studio includes staff who have worked on the Silent Hill, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, and Halo series. Project Scissors: NightCry was originally planned for launch on Vita, iOS, and Android, and the Kickstarter brings the game to PC. The addition of other platforms is also a possibility.

Project Scissors: NightCry was first announced last year. A live-action teaser directed by Shimizu was revealed earlier this month with the new NightCry name. For more on how the game is the spiritual successor to Clock Tower, check out GameSpot's interview with Kono and Shimizu. Check out the gallery below for screenshots of the game.

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Disclosure: I am a horror game aficionado and have backed this project.

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More than likely this game is skipping Nintendo platforms so I will pass on it for now.

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Nintendo has plenty of horror.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> To be honest, the only ones that come off the top of my head are Fatal Frame, Ju-On and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories...

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Alien Isolation, a new Silent Hill game being directed by Kojima, and now this? This could be the return of survival horror.

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What's with this guy and scissors?

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C'mon, they could do without Kickstarter... another scam.

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Clock Tower is my favorite horror game ever, so I'm entirely interested in this. Will back up a large sum after checking out their tiers after getting off work.

Real horror doesn't begin without Japan. :D

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them boobs.

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grudge aint scary anyways

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This is great news. I wish they would bring back House of Horrors so we could watch you play it with Jess.

Disclosure: I am a House of Horrors fan and I upvoted this article.

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fingers crossed

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Clock Tower was awesome. Loved when the guy stuck his head out the tower, second hand on the clock severed his head.

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Only thing I ask: No more women with white powdered faces using kimonos, please. It's scary, but we need something new.

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The grudge scared the beez knees outta me. I hope the game will be just as great!

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Hopefully the vita version looks as good as PC, the visuals on IOS looked meh.

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This is amazing, but I was looking forward to the fan project Remothered.

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bring on the horror all the HORROR

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<< LINK REMOVED >> i kid you not, when i saw the title of this article, even though i'd already kinda heard of the project, and then who is involved with the project the same thing instantly went through my head, just in capitals. (see comment above)

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> too bad this game looks to have a fraction of the budget that it needs, not to mention it is designed first and foremost as A MOBILE GAME... sorry but everything about this project sounds terrible. you should lower your expectations to avoid disappointment.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> way to be a pessimist. low budget is no reason to damn a game, if the people working on it are truly talented. hopefully they can work with what they have. if it is only a mobile title, so be it. i'm hopeful for this one, but then i'm an o.g. silent hill/clocktower fan, so yeah.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> i actually love indie games. not saying a game needs a big budget to be good. indie developers don't fool anybody into thinking they are working on a AAA game and often times sacrifice the visuals to focus on the gameplay mechanics. i am fine with that. however, this new clock tower just doesn't make sense. why would a series that has always been on consoles suddenly be designed for mobile devices? how many scary games have you played that were on a handheld device such as a tablet or phone? had this game been announced as a true spiritual successor to the series and designed for ps4/x1/pc in mind, then i would be more optimistic, small budget and all. for all we know this might just be an adventure style game where all you do is swipe in the direction you want to walk in and solve the odd puzzle here and there :D

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Sure, sign me up!

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This is so good. I've watched like 50 horror movies on Netflix so far. This is where it is right now.

This needs Xbox One release.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> ps4 exclusive. just like Silent Hills will be. *live with it*

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> No where does it say SH is PS4 only. Your words are opinion, not fact. Until its announced that it is, its BS.
Also "The addition of other platforms is also a possibility." does not mean its not coming to Xbox or PS4. Its a "possibility" SMH

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> my words are neither opinion or fact: they are little slivers designed specifically to rile you.

but yeah, nightcry is looking like a vita exclusive if nothing else. we shall see.

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sounds quite promising. on paper the game looks on track to be possibly the scariest game this gen. we will see though :P.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> how so? it was originally conceived to be a handheld game. the pc and possible console ports are an afterthought. the whole thing sounds bogus.