Diplomacy gets dated

Europa Universalis developers ready October releases in US, Europe for board-game-based title.


It's been said that diplomacy is the art of letting someone have your way. Starting next month, Paradox Interactive will be letting gamers in the US and Europe have their way by plunking down $39.99 for a copy of Diplomacy on the PC.

Based on Avalon Hill's backstabbing, friendship-ruining strategy board game of the same name, Diplomacy for the PC will ship to stores on October 4 in the US and in the developer's native Scandanavia, with releases in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg following on October 28.

The challenge of adapting a classic board game to the interactive entertainment realm is nothing new to the longtime strategy-game developers at Paradox. The development house is best known for its Europa Universalis series (coming soon to the Nintendo DS), which was also based on a board game.

Diplomacy is rated E for Everyone. For more on the title, read through GameSpot's Q&A with the game's lead designer, Jonas Bjering.

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