Dino Game Ark Passes New Sales Milestone on Xbox One and PC, Full Release Delayed

Ark continues to grow, even though it's not even finished yet.


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Ark: Survival Evolved has reached new heights in terms of sales and is doubling down on mod content. Developer Studio Wildcard today announced that the game has now sold 1 million copies on Xbox One and 4 million units on PC. As for the modding news, a new mod program for the dinosaur game has launched, through which users can submit mods that could eventually be considered to be added to the Xbox One and PC versions of the title.

The first of these mods, a map called The Center, will come out in May. According to Studio Wildcard, this map is massive--it will "more than double" the content of the base game. Additionally, another mod called Primitive Plus will come out in the summer. Note that these mods are already playable on PC, but have never before been released on Xbox One. Check out the maps in action in the video below:

Studio Wildcard also confirmed today that Ark's full release is scheduled for holiday 2016 across Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. Previously, the game was due out in the summer.

"Ark's success has increased our content goals and Early Access players have helped us raise our ambitions with their invaluable feedback," Studio Wildcard co-founder Jesse Rapczak said in a statement. "When we first announced, we said 70 dinos, now we'll have over 100. We never anticipated adding modding, local multiplayer, split screen, or numerous other upcoming features. The game at launch will be far more robust than originally conceived, but it takes a little extra time to wrap it all up."

The Xbox One edition of Ark is available through the console's Game Preview program, while the PC edition can be found on Steam Early Access.

In other news about Ark, the free-to-play spinoff Ark: Survival of the Fittest is coming to PS4 this summer. It's already available on PC, though an Xbox One version of the game has not been announced.

Additionally, Studio Wildcard recently settled a lawsuit with Dungeon Defenders developer Trendy for a reported $40 million.

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Eh. I played on Steam almost religiously when it first came out. I get that it's a survival game and you're bound to get effed at some point or another, but it was way too easy for you to be gutted back to nothing by little to no effort on the part of any troll who felt like wrecking your ****. I had a tribe of about 10 active people, a huge metal walled, metal spiked, multiple turreted base with multiple rexes and dinos and our entire base was wrecked by two dude on rexes, just because they happened across our enormous base and felt like wrecking it while we were offline.

Essentially, it's one of those games you have to have zero life to maintain, otherwise you'll either lose interest or the loss of literal days worth of work (it WILL happen frequently, unless you're on a dead server) will make the whole thing feel meaningless. It was fun, I'll admit that for sure, but the tenth time you get effed over and after the 200th hour of gathering materials to rebuild for the tenth time, you kinda look back and think, "Man...not worth it."

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Why hurry to release it when you're still making money off early access lol

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@letsgame82: PS4 owners don't have access to the game Survival of the Fittest is f2p.

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@noctisumbra: I own both current gen consoles though so your comment is irrelevant.

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@letsgame82: for you, perhaps. But you are, I suspect, in a minority, making my comment quite relevant to those who only own a PS4.

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@noctisumbra: I own both too .. as do a lot of People !!

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@noctisumbra: "to those who only own a PS4" I own both thus making your reply to my comment irrelevant, what's PS4 got to do with this article anyway or you just felt like going off topic?

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@letsgame82: Your Statement: "Why hurry to release it when you're still making money off early access lol"

My Response: "PS4 owners don't have access to the game Survival of the Fittest is f2p."

Why would they go to full release? Because there is, figuring conservatively, at least an additional $500 million to be made from the PS4 playerbase. That is figuring just a little under half of the current PS4 install base purchasing the the full game.

That also does not factor in individuals who are awaiting the official release to actually buy the game.

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@noctisumbra: half is a bit high. Not many games can achieve a 50% attachment rate, not even Call of Duty

Avatar image for noctisumbra

@BillJr106: true. But Call of Duty is also starting to really show wear and tear. Whereas we are starting to see the crafting genre really explode, thanks to games like minecraft. And 5 million units for pre-release software that has been out for less than a year is nothing to scoff at, given the somewhat limited audience that has been previously discussed. I honestly think that this game is going to be a rather massive seller so long as Wildcard doesn't drop the ball(and if Stiglitz can keep his butt out of the fire. That settlement means one of two things: either Trendy pitched the $600 million figure angling for a settlement or Stiglitz did screw up and settling was cheaper)

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@noctisumbra: but Playstation have already told them they don't want early access crap unless it's a full release so no money to be made their unless it's a full release.My original point was early access is a good business model on PC.

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Of course it's delayed. It gives the devs a built-in excuse as to why the game runs like crap. This is why I don't support early access games.

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@nights_king: No you don't support "early access" because you are a dumbass who doesn't understand the game development process.

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@nights_king: it's gotten a lot better in the past few months. Still some bad areas, like the bay in the Footpaw, but not as bad. Slow down isn't as immediate. Besides, would you rather them delay it and try to fix the problems or pull an EA or Ubisoft and knowingly release a very broken game? At least with early access, they have a very large pool of players to point out bugs, far more than closed testing. And they make money, which good devs would use to make better games. Plus it is early access, a flawlessly running game would be suspicious. If you buy in thinking the early access game is running fine, then you are a fool.

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I love this game and have it on xbox and also pc. I just wish they would optimize it better for both. The xbox version runs better but looks like crap, and the pc version looks good but runs like crap. As for mods the annunaki genesis is my favorite.

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if only campcom could release another dino crises game.

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@rzaartz: If only capcom would release Monster Hunter for other consoles other than Nintendo handhelds

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the ps4k might be out this year so the prob pushed it back to launch along side it and ps vr

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Glad to see the first round of mod support for xbox is coming out. It will be cool to see how the concept evolves.

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Internal game tests: a thing of the past. Now, just pump out your buggy, non-optimized crap to the masses (for a fee, mind you) and let them test it out while promising a "full release" at some point.

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@IIIMatricksIII: Early access isn't actually a bad model, I got ARK for a reasonable price and am happy with that. The full release will cost 2 or 3 times more .. I as with many others don't mind paying a reduced price to be an early access player .. you don't like that model fine, its not like they force you to buy it .. so you wait ? Its a pretty simple concept !!

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@IIIMatricksIII: It's kind of funny because early access games are actually good games.

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To be fair, the whole "Early Access / Patreon" gimmick does spawn some pretty decent games from the indie circle since it allows them to raise enough money / recognition for their works.

On the other hand, it's also a system that's widely exploited by cashgrabbing parasites and whiny wannabes that finds it more suiting to whine about their lives on the development blog than spend more time fixing their already broken game.

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Cool just bought the game early this week since it been on my backlog. So far been having a great time with the game and excited to hear about support for mods.

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@rasdorx: its not support for mods. They clearly say people can submit mods which they will then consider adding to the base game. As part of the main game.

Saying it's mod support is like calling DLC a mod or a content patch a mod.

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Mods for Xbox? How is that even possible? The game runs and looks like hell. Can we get an optimization mod first? Or how about a properly map mod so I can tell where the heck I am going. It's so messed up.

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@WingChopMasta: they won't be mods like on pc. They said people can submit mods which will then be considered to be added to the game proper, via a patch or DLC.

You got to remember the game isn't finished. Optimization is no where near complete. Why by it if you expect a finished game. Optimization is often one of the final stages of development

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@Frozzik: I get that. I am talking about why are they worrying about mods when like you just said, the game isn't finished. Anyone can see that.

"Why by it if you expect a finished game. Optimization is often one of the final stages of development"

Who said I bought the game thinking it was finished? I know what I bought but I figured things would be moving along because, like you just mentioned once again, it's not a finished game.

All I'm saying is that them bringing out 'mods' or 'DLC" whatever you want to label it is something you do with a finished game, right? All I and a lot of others want is a stable, optimized game first. The game gets enough content regularly but it's hard to play when it runs like shit so what's the point in bringing out a conversion mod that doubles the size of the game? Now I have 2x the game I have a hard time playing? Redundant. Fix the framerate, popin, and really muddy visuals.

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Is there a reason why you give these corrupt pimps so much press? Some relationship to Jesse or something?