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Dino Crisis 2 Hands-On

Have you ever had a crisis that involved dinos? Well, you're bound to have more when Capcom releases Dino Crisis 2. Get all the hands-on you need inside.


Playing Dino Crisis 2 was a lot like playing some of the battle modes found in Capcom's other survival-horror type games. Instead of moving around and solving puzzles, the game consisted of running through a series of outdoor areas and shooting the dinosaurs that jumped out at you. You'd even get combo for shooting a series of dinosaurs without a long delay between shots. Eventually you'd get inside and watch a small cutscene, but you'd go right back to shooting dinosaurs and moving through the level. This awesome amount of action gives the game an extremely arcade shooter feel. Instead of conserving ammo and shooting slow-moving zombies you'll be blasting away lithe dinosaurs and racking up the combo points, then using them to buy more equipment and ammo.

The graphics have been somewhat improved, and now there's all sorts of new dinosaurs in the game. I counted at least five different species in the E3 demo alone. Additionally, the game should feature new characters, new plot points, and tons of decision-making.

I'm glad that Dino Crisis 2 has taken a more arcade route than the first game, and I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

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