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Dino Crisis 2 First Impressions

Dino Crisis 2 is more two-fisted dino-shooting action than ever before.


The original Dino Crisis took Capcom's survival-horror concepts and applied it to a new adventure. The game took the basic gameplay ideas from Resident Evil and turned it into a faster-paced, dinosaur-filled adventure. The sequel won't stray too far from the original, but it will definitely add some nice features along the way.

After capturing Dr. Kirk in the first game, the military decides to continue Kirk's work. Of course, another accident ensues, and a huge jungle from the past appears where Edward City used to be. A team is sent back through time, equipped with "anti-dinosaur weapons." What happens from there is anyone's guess.

You'll play as two different characters in Dino Crisis 2. You'll play not only as Regina but also as Dylan, a special agent with a knack for brute force who will also mix it up with the dinosaurs. Speaking of dinosaurs, there will be ten different types of dinos in the game. To deal with the reptilian threat, you'll be able to use two weapons at once - presumably in an akimbo configuration. Along the way, you'll earn points for defeating dinosaurs, and you can use these points to buy weapons, ammo, and healing items.

The game, which mostly takes place in a jungle setting, also has underwater sections, where you'll don diving gear and fight against - you guessed it - underwater dinosaurs.

Dino Crisis 2 is scheduled to ship for the PlayStation this October.

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