Digital storefront offers money-back guarantee on digital purchases worldwide

If a game doesn't work, you have 30-days to "return" it to for you money back.

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If you've ever suffered from buyer's remorse when purchasing digital games, digital storefront is out to soothe you. They're offering a 30-day money back guarantee on all of their games, worldwide.

The company writes on their blog: "So, you bought a game on and you've run into some trouble launching and playing it on your system, despite the fact it meets the specs we've put on the game's catalog page?...we'll give you your money back. Simple as that."

The only caveat for the 30-day return is that you need to have some problem running the game. They recommend checking their support forums and contacting customer support to find a solution, but GOG writes, "If you buy a game on and find that it doesn't work properly on your system, and [GOG's] support cannot fix the problem, you get a full refund."

The policy goes into effect starting today, but effects stretch back 30 days from now. So any title you've purchased in the last 30 days is eligible.

If you don't have any problems running the game, but you bought it by mistake or just changed your mind, GOG you have 14 days to return the game (as long as you haven't downloaded it yet).

A FAQ about the money-back guarantee reveals that things are a little trickier for game pack purchases. "For technical reasons we cannot divide a game pack (for instance, a season pass, or a pack containing the base game and its DLCs), so you’ll get a refund for the full pack and, as a consequence, the full pack will be removed from your account."

Given GOGs DRM-free, you might wonder how users won't abuse the system. GOG writes, "We know that, since we're the Internet's leading DRM-free gaming platform, [GOG's] Money Back Guarantee offer here is open to a certain amount of abuse. If you're being a bad person who's abusing [GOG's] trust of you and asking for a whole lot of your games to be refunded and we can't resolve your problems, we'll have to stop offering you refunds. So don't be that guy. No one likes that guy."

There's not an explicit limit on the number of games you can refunded for, but GOG writes, "If it seems like you're exploiting us, we'll let you know and tell you that this will be your final refund offer from us."

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