Digital Foundry Concludes Resident Evil Village's Anti-Piracy Stuttering Is Fixed Now

Digital Foundry's analysis concluded that Resident Evil Village's stuttering problem has been fixed on PC, but says that fans still deserve an explanation.


Hardware outlet Digital Foundry has concluded that the new Resident Evil Village patch fixed the stuttering issues caused by the game's anti-piracy technology. However, editor Rich Leadbetter stopped short of praising the move, saying that fans deserve an explanation for the shift.

Capcom faced heavy criticism from players earlier this month when Digital Foundry concluded that the cracked version of Resident Evil Village actually runs better than the official version on Steam. The inferior performance included stutters when zombies lunge at player character Ethan Winters, as well as a particularly noticeable series of hitches during an early boss fight with one of Lady Dimitrescu's daughters.

In the video, Leadbetter states that the patch has mysteriously fixed all of the stuttering issues on the PC version of the game, but he also wonders why Capcom didn't fix this issue prior to the game's release, given how obvious the stuttering is. Digital Foundry also weighed in on the FidelityFX Super Resolution added in that same patch, opining that it mostly works as an upscaling solution for lower-end rigs, but that most people won't be able to notice the difference.

In other Village news, we recently learned that Village has sold more than 4.5 million copies in just a few months. Capcom has delayed the multiplayer game that was supposed to accompany Village, Re:Verse, until 2022 due to unfavorable reception from fans.

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