Digimon World Hands-On

Usurper of Pokemon's throne or merely an also-ran, Digimon appears here to stay with a PlayStation-based RPG/breeding game.


It's not rare for a hit game series to spawn a never-ending flood of imitators, and that's more or less what's happened in the post-Pokemon world. Digimon, made somewhat popular so far by a series on the Fox Kids network, is now coming to the PlayStation. Bandai apparently feels confident that the title will be successful, as not one, but two Digimon World games have already been announced for this year.

Digimon World, like Pokemon, is an RPG in which the hero roams around collecting small monsters (the "Digimon"), which can then be pitted against foes in battle. Each Digimon has its own set of special powers, and the creatures can also evolve into more advanced and powerful forms. According to Bandai, Digimon World 2 will feature even more of the original, so if you enjoy the first game (due out this month), the sequel, which will pop up in November, should be even more to your liking. The only question is whether the Digimon universe will appeal to a market already saturated with Pokemon.

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