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Digimon Survive: Everything We Know About The Upcoming Role-Playing Strategy Game

But what else do you really need to know beyond the fact that Digimon is vastly superior to Pokemon in every way?


After encountering numerous delays and seeing a change of developers mid-development, Digimon Survive is finally coming out this year. The upcoming role-playing game tells its story in visual novel-like chapters, while combat plays out in turn-based strategy battles.

As we approach Summer Game Fest and all the Not-E3 summer events, there's a chance we learn even more about developer Hyde and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment's new game. But, for now, this is everything we know about Digimon Survive.

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Release date

Digimon Survive has two release dates. The game will initially launch in Japan on July 28. It will then release to the rest of the world on July 29.

What we know

Digimon Survive begins with a group of students on spring break visiting a temple in order to learn more about the legends surrounding the local mysterious beast gods. The group is suddenly transported to another world where they run into a Koromon, who aids the lost humans by digivolving into Agumon when they're attacked by other Digimon. Each of the students decides to work together in order to find their way home.

In Digimon Survive, you can team up with and train 113 different Digimon. Though you can outright fight anything you go up against, Digimon Survive allows you the option to talk with your foes, as well--listening to your opponents and answering their questions in a way they find satisfying can also lead to victory, and occasionally result in a would-be foe becoming another ally.

In between combat, the game plays out similarly to a visual novel, providing the characters with time to talk to one another and make decisions on what to do next. Digimon Survive will feature 12 chapters, with the story branching into three possible directions depending on whether you choose a path of Morality, Harmony, or Rage. Reaching the conclusion to any of these three routes reveals a possible secret fourth route you can attempt on a later playthrough. According to producer Kazumasa Habu, each route will take around 40 hours to complete.


Digimon Survive launches for Switch and PS4 in Japan on July 28. The game will then release for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC worldwide on July 29.

PC system specs

The official PC system specs for Digimon Survive have not yet been released.

Multiplayer details

Digimon Survive is a single-player game and won't feature any online or offline multiplayer components.

DLC/Microtransactions details

No DLC or microtransactions have been confirmed for Digimon Survive. It seems unlikely we'll get the former--Digimon games rarely get post-launch expansions or DLC--but cosmetic-centric microtransactions seem plausible.

Preorder details

Digimon Survive is available for preorder from A , Best Buy, and GameStop.

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