Dig Dug digs into XBLA

Namco's coin-op classic burrows onto Xbox Live Marketplace at 1 a.m. tonight for 400 points ($5).


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Dig Dug pump, pump, pumps it up.
Dig Dug pump, pump, pumps it up.

The onslaught of arcade games on Xbox Live Arcade continues tonight, as Namco's cabinet classic Dig Dug debuts on the online service as part of Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays.

Beginning at 1 a.m. on October 11, gamers can download the game for 400 Marketplace points ($5). The new game comes with the requisite "enhanced graphics," HD support in 720p and 480p, a dozen achievements to earn, and online leaderboards.

Dig Dug sees gamers digging into the earth to eliminate enemies, armed only with a pump. The objective of the game is to clear each board of enemies by shooting them with a harpoon and inflating them until they explode. Dig Dug can also cause rocks to fall and crush multiple bad guys for bonus points.

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