Diego Luna And Tony Gilroy Discuss The Importance Of Finishing Andor's Story

Disney+'s Andor series might be on pause, but Diego Luna and showrunner Tony Gilroy realize their responsibility to finish the story.


While production on Disney+'s Andor series might be on pause while the WGA strike commences, star Diego Luna and showrunner Tony Gilroy gave some input for Season 2, aiming for a 2024 release. Cassian Andor (Luna) first debuted with 2016's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, with the Disney+ series taking place before the movie and Season 2 ending right before the events of the start. We obviously know Andor's inevitable fate, but leading up to it has been an incredible journey thus far.

So while we'll have to wait on those details, Luna and Gilroy talked to EW's Dagobah Dispatch podcast during this year's Star Wars Celebration over the Spring, and before the strike.

"The beauty of this show is that even though sometimes you know what's going to happen, it hits you as though you're learning it for the first time," Luna said. "You are witnessing this from the inside, from the personal perspective. You get to live it with the characters, or through the characters. Therefore, it hits you differently. It's not about the events, necessarily, but about the choices made and the risks these characters are taking. It's because you know them that you care like you didn't care before."

Throughout Season 1 of Andor, we see the birth of the Rebel Alliance which was more a spy thriller than action series for most of the story, Season 2 will concentrate on the Rebellion's growth and its becoming more prominent in the galaxy.

"How do you go public? How do you go wide? The Rebel Alliance that emerges on Yavin, it's almost like the Christian Democrats: It's a consolidated compromise group," Gilroy explained. "But what happens to all the original gangsters and the hardcore people who built that road? What happens to them, and how do they integrate with that?"

Gilroy also added how they'll tell the story with four time jumps, each covering about a year. Season 2 will be split into multi-episode blocks, and the first jump comes between the Season 1 finale and the Season 2 premiere.

"Our responsibility is to bring it home efficiently," Gilroy said. "But mostly, it's to pay off emotionally and stick the landing."

You can watch all of Season 1 of Andor exclusively on Disney+.

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