Dick Smith gearing up for massive game clearance - Report

Economical Gamer is citing an anonymous tip alleging the Australian retailer will be drastically reducing the prices of its gaming stock from April 2.

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Economical Gamer is reporting that Australian electrical and technology retailer Dick Smith is gearing up for a video game clearance sale starting Monday, April 2.

The article cites an anonymous user submission as the tip-off, which states that Dick Smith will be reevaluating its video game business strategy to focus solely on "consoles, branded accessories and popular new releases." According to the source, this has led the retailer to clear out all aged inventory.

The source also sent Economical Gamer a price list of the clearance game stock, which lists titles such as L.A. Noire, Fallout New Vegas, Tekken 6, Halo 3: ODST, and Medal of Honor all for A$5. On the console front, the price list shows a Modern Warfare 3 limited-edition 320GB Xbox 360 console for A$299.

According to the source, the clearance will begin on April 2 but will not be advertised until April 11 in order to give Dick Smith enough time to reprice its merchandise.

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