DICE talks future of Mirror's Edge, Bad Company

Executive producer Patrick Bach says, "We never kill something that is great," but is coy on hard details for sequels.


The Mirror's Edge and Bad Company franchises have lain dormant since 2008 and 2010, respectively, with developer DICE remaining coy about the future of both series. Now, DICE executive producer Patrick Bach has confirmed that it remains committed to those properties.

Faith and Bad Company have not been abandoned, Bach says.
Faith and Bad Company have not been abandoned, Bach says.

Speaking to IGN, Bach said, "We never kill something that is great. Mirror's Edge is a game that we of course all love. It was a great game. It had some flaws, of course, like all games. But in general, it's an IP that we love and of course we haven't killed it, because it's too good to kill."

As for a sequel to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Bach expressed a similar level of adoration for the franchise, but did not lay out any specific plans for the series.

"The Bad Company IP is still something we love," Bach continued. "And it’s very dear to me because I worked on both titles. We have no information with where we are to a sequel to Bad Company."

DICE may already be at work on new entries in both franchises. In May, various LinkedIn resumes included mention of Bad Company 3 and Mirror's Edge 2. Publisher Electronic Arts declined to comment on these rumors.

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