DICE 'strongly advises' players to download new Battlefield 3 patch

Developer releases 1.92GB update for Xbox 360 version that features various tweaks and fixes for the game's multiplayer.


Battlefield 3 developer DICE today released a new 1.92GB patch for the Xbox 360 version that the studio "strongly advises" players to download. According to the official description, the update contains various tweaks and fixes to the Battlefield 3 multiplayer component.

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The patch fixes issues like a teleportation glitch, where the player could teleport using a knife and a mortar in combination, as well as incorrect spelling on Aftermath dog tags. A full list of tweaks and fixes is available at the Battlefield website.

The new Battlefield 3 patch comes on the same day the game's final expansion--End Game--arrives for Xbox 360 and PC Premium members. The content is already available for PlayStation 3 Premium members and will launch for all PS3 gamers March 19 before coming to non-members on the Xbox 360 and PC March 26.

Battlefield 3's End Game expansion adds four new maps, a new dirt bike, and two classic Battlefield game modes: Capture the Flag and Air Superiority. For more on the expansion, check out GameSpot's hands-on preview below.

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