DICE says creating Star Wars: Battlefront is "scary"

DICE originally got offered the game a week after talking about it.

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DICE has spoken about how creating a new entry in the Star Wars: Battlefront series is "scary" for the studio.

Executive producer Patrick Bach spoke about inheriting the license at a BAFTA event in London (via IGN), saying that staff at DICE was discussing the series days before EA revealed it had obtained the license for the game.

"It's quite interesting," said Bach. "For some strange reason--coincidence, I don't know--we had a discussion at the office about what happened to Battlefront. You know, the old IP that someone else made that was a rip-off of Battlefield. Bastards!"

"We should've made it," he continued. "It was a competition of powers. We couldn't do both at the same time."

"For some reason EA was negotiating with Lucas/Disney, as to whom should make the new Star Wars games. And just a week later it was like, 'Oh, by the way, that discussion you were having about Star Wars? Do you want to make it?'"

DICE unveiled at E3 2013 that it was developing a new Star Wars: Battlefront with a brief CGI trailer. The studio's attitude towards the game changed once the Swedish team actually started making the game, too. "We weren’t as cocky when we got the chance, because to take on something like this is scary, as you can imagine. You can only screw up, right?"

"We've been promising ourselves if we're doing this we need to do it right. So trust me, we're hard at work to figure this one out,” Bach added.

Elsewhere in the interview, Bach said, "Who would have thought Star Wars would be made in Sweden?"

DICE's take on Star Wars: Battlefront is aiming to be released in 2015, for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Star Wars VII is due to be released in the same year.

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