DICE ramping up Battlefield 3 anti-cheat measures

Swedish developer commencing effort to "hunt down and get rid of cheaters" by encouraging community to file formal complaints via Battlelog.


Battlefield 3

DICE's modern-set first-person shooter Battlefield 3 has enlisted more than 8 million gamers across the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC since debuting in October. However, it appears some of those players are bad eggs, and DICE wants them gone.

DICE needs your help to get rid of Battlefield 3 cheaters.
DICE needs your help to get rid of Battlefield 3 cheaters.

In a new post on the official Battlefield blog, DICE reiterated its staunch stance against cheating, saying it recently banned "several hundred" cheaters based on player reports and its own player behavior data.

"We have always taken cheating seriously. Starting today, we will further intensify our efforts to hunt down and rid Battlefield 3 of cheaters," reads a line from the statement. "Stats wiping and banning this disruptive minority is the only way they will understand that they are ruining the game for others. We do this for the millions of dedicated players out there who deserve a fair game, every game."

To assist DICE in keeping Battlefield 3's war zones cheater-free, the developer said players can report any maleficence via the game's social service Battlelog. There, gamers can file a formal complaint, describing in as much detail as possible what transpired.

From there, DICE said its "analysts" will conduct a "deeper analysis" and take action as the developer deems appropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, statistic wiping and or banning for confirmed cheaters.

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