DICE details the "netcode issues" disrupting Battlefield 4, promises more updates

Coming soon: BF4 players will not occasionally be catapulted to their death while sprinting.

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Still having problems with Battlefield 4? DICE has written a lengthy post to detail the efforts it's making to address the common netcode issues persisting in the shooter.

The developer spoke about issues relating to rubber banding, kill camera delays and player death synchronisation, tickrates, a lack of damage being accurately registered, and the peculiarly enduring bug of players dying instantly--due to being catapulted--when they try and sprint. Have you encountered any of these recently?

On the way are more patches and updates to hopefully iron out these problems, the developer said. Many fixes relating to all of these issues will be available in the next game update.

DICE also pointed to problems its already solved: kill cards showing 0 health, disappearing crosshairs, hit impact sounds, and a headshot icon.

Also in another update will be new icons that make it easier to determine what's actually going wrong. "We have introduced new in-game icons that will help you, and us, to troubleshoot network related problems that could cause an inconsistent multiplayer experience," adds DICE.

Battlefield 4 was released in October 2013, and was also a launch title for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. DICE is still working to smooth out the issues from the game's problematic launch, and at one point announced that work on all future projects would be halted while it worked on the game.

You can read a detailed explanation on the issues behind each of the Battlefield 4 netcode issues over on Battlelog.

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