DICE: Battlefield's main competitor not Call of Duty, but time

Call of Duty series not Battlefield's main competitor, DICE LA general manager says.


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The Battlefield series' main competitor is not the Call of Duty series, DICE LA general manager Frederik Loving has said, (as reported by gamesindustry).

Loving presented at the Montreal International Game Summit which took place on November 11-12. The general manager stated that while he acknowledged Activision's Call of Duty franchise as a direct competitor, he did not class it as Battlefield's main competitor.

Loving stated that time, not money, had become the main factor for the Battlefield fanbase. He cited HBO and Spotify as examples of main competitors to the franchise. Loving went on to describe his own use of Facebook as an example of something which he had invested a lot of time into, acting as a powerful motivator to continue using the same service if a new competitor were to arise.

Battlefield 4 launched earlier this month for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The game was praised in GameSpot's review for its map design and interesting game modes. Battlefield 4 will be available for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at launch.

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