DICE Asks: Which Battlefield Map Would You Like to See Remade?

[UPDATE] The new Battlefield 4 DLC might be free.

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[UPDATE] Battlefield producer David Sirland has suggested on Twitter that the new Battlefield 4 DLC might be free.

The original story is below.

Battlefield 4's Final Stand expansion won't actually be, as the name suggests, the final add-on for DICE's military shooter. The developer announced today in a blog post that "Final Stand is not the end," teasing that the Swedish studio plans to support the shooter with even more content.

"With Battlefield 4 Final Stand released, we hope and believe that you will enjoy it together with the rest of the game for a long time," DICE said. "However, there is one thing we want to assure you: there is more content coming for Battlefield 4."

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DICE says it will announce more details about this mysterious Battlefield 4 DLC, including what it will be and when it will arrive, "in the near future."

"We understand that this may lead to even more questions about our plans, but rest assured that we'll get back to you on the future of Battlefield 4 when the time is right," DICE explained.

The new Battlefield 4 content could take the form of a multiplayer map, as DICE is now actively asking fans: "If a re-imagining of a Battlefield classic map was to happen, which map would that be?"

You can submit your vote via this poll. It's unclear if the new Battlefield 4 DLC will be paid or free.

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