Diablo-Like "Intense" Action RPG Victor Vran Hits PC

Buy an in-progress version of the game created by Tropico series developer today through Steam Early Access.


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Tropico series developer Haemimont Games has released its Diablo-like "intense" action role-playing game Victor Vran on PC through Steam Early Access. You can buy the game today on Steam for $15, but be aware that it's an in-development, non-final version.

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Haemimont Games says it sees releasing Victor Vran through Steam Early Access as a way to gather feedback directly from fans in an effort to make the game "as good as can be."

"Players can like, dislike, or comment on any game feature with a single mouse click," the studio said. "The developers will aggregate this feedback and respond with changes as soon as the next Early Access update."

Gamers who buy the Early Access version of Victor Vran will receive the exclusive Wanderer outfit. This item is cosmetic in nature only; it does not offer any gameplay advantages.

Haven't heard of Victor Vran? Haemimont describes it as an "intense, action-packed game" that should boasts "hours" of gameplay. The Early Access version comes with the game's first two regions, which should total around 6 hours of playtime. Haemimont has also published some bulletpoints of what players can expect from the Early Access edition.

Through the Early Access version of Victor Vran, players can:

  • Try out custom character builds by using a multitude of weapons, consumables, destiny cards and demon powers
  • Master four weapon types: Sword, Shotgun, Hammer and Rapier. Each weapon type is unique, providing a distinct play style and special attacks. Additional weapon classes will be made available during later stages of Early Access.
  • Change the difficulty using cursed Hex items that strengthen enemies and make combat more challenging.
  • Dodge, jump and use special moves to gain the upper hand against the hordes of enemies.
  • Play using keyboard and mouse or an Xbox controller.

For more on Victor Vran, check out the trailer above or the images in the gallery below.

Click the thumbnails below to see full-size versions
Click the thumbnails below to see full-size versions

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meh just sticking wit van hellsing 2 for now =\

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meh just sticking wit van hellsing 2 for now =\

Avatar image for X-RS

meh just sticking wit van hellsing 2 for now =\

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I wonder if there's co-op, it needs it. If it's good I hope it makes it's way to consoles eventually, I always like Diablo style games.

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promting early access... man gamespot this is a new low

early access, paying to play a broken game as a beta tester

you should BE PAYED for playing a BROKEN GAME

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Will keep a distant eye on this thing. I avoid Early Access at all costs. Best of luck on remainder of development though. It has promise really.

Avatar image for rcj22001

the truth is if you go pull up a Tropico game on Steam, you will see why this game is doomed. It's all but guaranteed that there will be tons of DLC. I cannot wait until this whole DLC crap goes away permanently.

Avatar image for sefrix

First I've heard of this. The trailer on Steam shows way more gameplay. I'm pretty interested in the vertical aspect of the gameplay! The trailer shows the character jumping/wall jumping to reach a chest on a building, and then the enemies shooting arrows at him up there so he jumps down.

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When fans start making the game they are not fans anymore. Grow balls developers and make your game, you mice!!!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I very much think devs should seek feedback before making a game. Things like Sonic Boom are apparent examples of developers refusing to consider what fans actually like about their games.

That being said, I don't think devs should charge for alpha participation

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

No doubt....but, we will never have a true cult of a game or legendary title with that process. Only thing we will get is some half product that tries to be on good terms with everybody and will last for a month, and then nobody cares anymore. It wont have soul or something unique which stands out.

Avatar image for Talavaj

God bless we have indies, such innovation, wow !

Avatar image for Kezzy123

Gamespot. How about using your connections with steam and propose the following idea. Most games dont have a lifespan of several years. Early access that drag on forever means that the devs get paid for an incomplete game that they will never get to finish because by the time they would finish it, the lifespan of the game is already over.

Therefore, why doesnt Steam impose a deal on developpers. You MAY do paid early access but the deal is that you must be ready to release in full within 6 or (if generous) 12 months. Failing to do so obligates a full refund to all early access purchasers.

Why? because this would filter out unethical devs who are attempting to use early access as a gimmick to sell a proof of concept which they can work on at their leisure until profits stop flowing.

Id be ok with early access if it was a controlled environment that protected the customer and encouraged ethical practice instead of what it is now...which is a plague on the videogame industry. Most of us are now playing incomplete and buggy games that will die before being released instead of playing full release because its becoming the norm.

Why wouldnt a dev want to make a bunch of empty promises and generate sales for a proof of concept instead of spending the time and money to complete the game and get rewarded based on its actual value?

Alternatively Steam could impose free only early access. This would reduce the amount of devs using free access by a ton because they would know that unless they have an amazing product, people would just play it for free and uninstall.

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I like what I have seen, but I'll wait until it's out of Early Access before I decide if it's Vrantastic or not.

Avatar image for empty_hat

More like Victor Vran Hellsing. Sigh.

Avatar image for Gamerno6666

Sigh early access.

Avatar image for flexy456

What we need more of: Diablo clones, "Horror Survival" games with Zombies, unfinished early access games. /SARCASM

Avatar image for ExoticCharm

"Haemimont Games says it sees releasing Victor Vran through Steam Early Access as a way to gather feedback directly from fans in an effort to make the game as good as can be"

Which could have also been done for free using a demo instead of early access.

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If anyone thinks this game is anywhere near the word "cool", you sould check out Lost Ark.

Avatar image for sefrix


Avatar image for Barighm


Feels a little Dynasty Warriors-esh than Diablo, but hopefully the game is just set on easy for the purpose of those screenshots.

Avatar image for xsonicchaos


Let's not lose hope just now, man.

Avatar image for Barighm

<< LINK REMOVED >> It's getting a western release; however, it's an MMORPG, and only "parts" of the game are getting localized: << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for xsonicchaos


I know, but although I could never commit to any MMO ever, I would love to play this game. It's Diablo 3 meets Dynasty Warriors, and I do like both franchises.

Avatar image for Ice-Cube

[img]<< LINK REMOVED >>[/img]

Avatar image for ignblows

why on earth would anyone PAY to be a beta tester? You would seriously be an idiot.

Avatar image for cip_raziel

3rd action RPG that copies Diablo 3's "monsters crawling on the sides of a bridge to attack the player", they kept doing this and showing it off since Diablo 3 did it before release in a trailer. This one has the bridge tilted 45 degrees...so original.

Avatar image for blackothh

<< LINK REMOVED >> I feel like i remember seeing monsters crawling from untraversable places in the first torchlight, and possibly even in Titans quest, and those came many years before diablo 3, does anyone else remeber if they did or not? I know they definitely did in Dungeon Siege 1 since im currently replaying through that now and that was 10 years prior.

Avatar image for cip_raziel

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I don't mean bridges and monsters in general, but this exact scene shows up in many ARPGs trailers right after D3's trailer, in a way mimicking D3.

Avatar image for archav3n

The only problem to me are the classes not looking interesting to me.

Avatar image for xsonicchaos

What's with the "Diablo-like" comparison? Yes, it's a frikin isometric action RPG, like Diablo, and Dungeon Siege, and Divinity, and Torchlight, or Deathspank, but I like to call this game The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing-like.

Avatar image for syntaxkt

What ever happened to waiting until the game comes out, then enjoy it as a fresh and (hopefully) polished experienced? I cringe everytime I go on steam now because they seem to really care about advertising unfinished games that might not ever be released or live up to the hype it wanted to generate.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah, paying to beta test... A beta test used to be a tool for developers to polish their games. Now it is nothing more than an early, buggy release.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>not only do you pay to beta test but the odds are with all these early access that they make most of their profit during early access and by the time they start fixing bugs, people start getting sick of the game with nomore profit ahead there is little reason to ever release fully. By the time the game is fully ready, it has already started dying. This is the fundamental issue with early access.

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thanks, but no thanks

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Shltty Early Access strikes again.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Could be worse, it could be as bad as the flop fest on consoles. There has probably been more good games released on early access since the launch of next gen consoles than there have been good console games released in the same time period across all consoles.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

This isn't Diablo-like, it's Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing-like.

Avatar image for xsonicchaos


Ah, you did this before me. Or is it before I did... Stupid grammar.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I gave you a pity upvote.