Diablo-Like "Intense" Action RPG Victor Vran Hits PC

Buy an in-progress version of the game created by Tropico series developer today through Steam Early Access.

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Tropico series developer Haemimont Games has released its Diablo-like "intense" action role-playing game Victor Vran on PC through Steam Early Access. You can buy the game today on Steam for $15, but be aware that it's an in-development, non-final version.

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Haemimont Games says it sees releasing Victor Vran through Steam Early Access as a way to gather feedback directly from fans in an effort to make the game "as good as can be."

"Players can like, dislike, or comment on any game feature with a single mouse click," the studio said. "The developers will aggregate this feedback and respond with changes as soon as the next Early Access update."

Gamers who buy the Early Access version of Victor Vran will receive the exclusive Wanderer outfit. This item is cosmetic in nature only; it does not offer any gameplay advantages.

Haven't heard of Victor Vran? Haemimont describes it as an "intense, action-packed game" that should boasts "hours" of gameplay. The Early Access version comes with the game's first two regions, which should total around 6 hours of playtime. Haemimont has also published some bulletpoints of what players can expect from the Early Access edition.

Through the Early Access version of Victor Vran, players can:

  • Try out custom character builds by using a multitude of weapons, consumables, destiny cards and demon powers
  • Master four weapon types: Sword, Shotgun, Hammer and Rapier. Each weapon type is unique, providing a distinct play style and special attacks. Additional weapon classes will be made available during later stages of Early Access.
  • Change the difficulty using cursed Hex items that strengthen enemies and make combat more challenging.
  • Dodge, jump and use special moves to gain the upper hand against the hordes of enemies.
  • Play using keyboard and mouse or an Xbox controller.

For more on Victor Vran, check out the trailer above or the images in the gallery below.

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Click the thumbnails below to see full-size versions

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