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Diablo Is Now Playable Right In Your Browser

Take your browser straight to hell.


Back from a 20-plus year hiatus, the original Diablo is available to play in your desktop browser. Though it's accessible for free, this browser-based version of the classic RPG does have a few limitations.

GameSpot sister site CNET broke down the limitations in developer Rivsoft's shareware version of Diablo. You can only play as the warrior class, dungeon access is limited, and many of the game's other characters can't be talked to. Rivsoft say its version includes the original game's "bugs and badly written code."

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Now Playing: Diablo 1 Makes A Return On GoG

Diablo made its way to GOG back in March 2019. If you have files for the full game, you can add the DIABDAT.MPQ file to Rivsoft's version to gain full access to everything Diablo has to offer directly in your browser.

The original Diablo launched in 1996 for PC. The sequel, Diablo 2, arrived just four years later. But it took more than a decade for the third entry, Diablo 3, to hit the market. For the past few years, Diablo 3 has seen limited-time events that grant rewards upon completion. (It also made its way to Nintendo Switch in November 2018, where the limited-time event appeared for the first time.) Diablo Immortal, the forthcoming title in the long-running RPG franchise, is in development for mobile.

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