Diablo Immortal Will Receive New Catch-Up Mechanics To Prevent Players From Being Left Behind

In addition to new catch-up mechanics, future updates will also make changes to set crafting and Helliquary boss raids.


Diablo Immortal will introduce changes to make it far easier for players that are falling behind their server's Paragon level to catch up, developer Blizzard has announced.

In a Q&A blog post, Blizzard outlined some of the changes players can expect to see in the free-to-play mobile game in the coming weeks and months. Some of those changes will be to help players catch up who may have taken time away from the game and fallen behind.

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Each Diablo Immortal server has a server Paragon Level that increases over time. Players have their own personal Paragon level as well, and if a player's own Paragon level is below that of the server, they earn increased experience points. However, it sounds like the system isn't currently doing enough to help players get back up to speed, so Blizzard will be increasing the amount of experience earned by players significantly behind their server's Paragon level.

Additionally, Blizzard is looking to increase the rate at which those players earn Legendary and Set items, so that those lapsed players can more rapidly increase their Combat Rating and participate in higher-level content.

"In Immortal's current form, there's a situation where a player can catch up in experience, but their Combat Rating is still too low to participate in various activities," Blizzard notes.

While catch-up system changes aren't coming immediately, some other adjustments are. Players will soon be able to re-customize the facial appearance of their characters and stay grouped together to fight multiple Helliquary raid bosses come Diablo Immortal's next major update, which is slated to arrive December 14. That update will also include improvements to the game's recently implemented Set item crafting system and new story content.

Diablo Immortal is co-developed by China's NetEase games, which has long partnered with Blizzard to release various games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch in China. Blizzard recently announced it would be ending its partnership with NetEase next year, which will result in multiple Blizzard games being taken offline in the region. Support for Diablo Immortal in China, however, will continue, as the game is covered under a separate agreement.

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