Diablo Immortal Tips For Beginners: Early Tips For Raising Hell In Blizzard's Mobile RPG

From Warbands to the Helliquary, Diablo Immortal is filled with franchise-first mechanics and systems. Here are some important tips and tricks for kicking off your demon-slaying adventure the right way.


Diablo Immortal is not only the first free-to-play mobile entry in Blizzard's iconic RPG franchise, but also the first Diablo game with MMO elements. As such, there are plenty of new concepts and ideas present in Diablo Immortal that even dedicated fans of the franchise will need to wrap their heads around in order to start this latest adventure off on the right foot.

From getting the most out of the battle pass to how to level efficiently, this beginner's guide will provide you with 10 early game tips and tricks so you can hit the ground running and leave a trail of demon corpses in your wake. Sanctuary isn't going to save itself, so best get slaying.

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Pick your class carefully

Which class to choose for your first character in any RPG is always a big decision, but in Diablo Immortal, the choice takes on even more importance than in previous entries in the franchise. This is because there is no shared stash in Diablo Immortal, meaning there is no way to transfer items found by one character on your account to another. Certain battle pass rewards can also only be claimed on one character per account, meaning subsequent characters will be at a further disadvantage. You don't want to get too deep into one character only to realize you don't care for the class and then have to start all over from scratch. Blizzard will be implementing a class change feature that will essentially allow players to convert their character into another class every so often, but the feature won't be available at launch. With that in mind, make sure to pick a class you'll be happy playing for at least a few months, lest you fall behind. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, but are all fairly balanced, so there are no bad picks. The Crusader and Monk, for example, excel at area-of-effect damage and support spells, while the Demon Hunter and Necromancer bring high single-target damage to the table. Both the Barbarian and Wizard can dish out some significant AOE damage as well, so it all comes down to whatever playstyle you prefer.

Form (or join) a Warband

Warbands are a new feature in Diablo Immortal that essentially work as a mini-clan for up to eight players. If you have a group of friends you are going to be regularly playing Diablo Immortal with, it's a no-brainer to make a Warband. Why? Because you get extra rewards, of course. Completing group content as a Warband allows members to claim extra rewards on a regular basis, and members of the same Warband also have a shared stash where members can deposit and take items, with some restrictions. You'll need to progress the main story to a certain point in order to unlock this feature, but once you do, it's definitely worth making one.

Make sure to turn on auto pick-up so you don't miss out on any valuable items.
Make sure to turn on auto pick-up so you don't miss out on any valuable items.

Turn on auto pick-up

You'll constantly be finding new items in Diablo Immortal, and even when you don't want to use them, you'll still want to pick them up and break them down at the blacksmith for salvage that is used to upgrade your gear. By default (at least in the early access build we've played) auto item pick-up is turned off. Turn this on in the game settings immediately, and make it so items of any rarity are automatically gathered. Eventually you might want to filter out some item rarities for auto pick-up, but starting out it's a good idea to take and salvage everything you aren't using.

Don't stress about gear starting out

Early on, diving into the nitty gritty details of your gear isn't all that necessary. Instead, simply look at whatever items are in your inventory and find the ones that have a green, upward pointing arrow. That means the item is an upgrade and you should probably equip it. At higher levels, you'll want to start prioritizing certain stats over others depending on your class, but starting out, it's not too big of a deal. The game also doesn't factor in various magic affixes that some gear may have, so keep an eye out for beneficial bonuses on gear that may give you a reason to equip one specific piece over another.

Dungeons are a great way to level up your battle pass and gain XP.
Dungeons are a great way to level up your battle pass and gain XP.

Upgrade gear early and often

You can only upgrade gear of rare, legendary, or set quality, but don't be afraid to upgrade your gear once you are able. This is because all of your upgrades carry forward when swapping to a new piece of gear using the free rank transfer feature. This means if you have the materials, there is no reason not to upgrade your gear as much as possible every chance you get. Upgrading gear gives you increased stats that when done on all of your gear can result in a big power boost, so make sure to take advantage of it.

Level up efficiently

Leveling up is fairly straightforward in Diablo Immortal. Killing monsters and completing quests earn you XP, which you need to level up. This is done mostly by just playing through the game's main campaign, but there will be times when you've completed all the main quests and are told to reach a certain level before you can continue the story. When that happens, you'll need to do some tactical grinding to hit the level requirement and continue the campaign. What you don't want to do is just stay in one area and kill demons for hours on end. Instead, you'll want to do a combination of battle pass activities, dungeons, bounties that reward bonus XP, side tasks, or optional hidden lairs that can be discovered in the game world to gain as much XP as possible. The most efficient way to level up is probably by completing battle pass activities and leveling up the battle pass (more on that below), but feel free to go ahead and complete any side activities you stumble upon over the course of the campaign, as it will reduce the amount of XP you need later to continue the story.

Don't claim battle pass rewards immediately, as the bonus XP granted scales with your level.
Don't claim battle pass rewards immediately, as the bonus XP granted scales with your level.

Wait to claim battle pass rewards when you need an XP boost

It might be tempting to claim battle pass rewards immediately after unlocking them, but it's better to hold off until you actually need the XP, like when the game tells you to level up more before you can continue the main story. This is because the amount of XP rewarded by completing battle pass activities scales up based on your character level, meaning claiming rewards at level 40 will reward more XP than claiming that same reward at level 20. Hold on to your battle pass rewards for those XP roadblock moments to get the most out of them, which will save you time you would otherwise have to spend grinding.

Save any legendaries you find

Diablo Immortal introduces a feature called Essence Transfer later in the campaign that allows you to extract the legendary power from a legendary item and add it to your collection. Those powers can then be used to replace the power of another existing legendary you may have in your possession. For this reason, you'll want to save all of your unique legendaries and eventually extract their essence using Essence Transfer. That way you'll have a wide arsenal of powers to choose from and you can use whichever powers are most beneficial to your class without having to randomly find the specific legendary item that power was originally tied to.

Grab some jewelry from Yakin as soon as possible for a mid-game power boost.
Grab some jewelry from Yakin as soon as possible for a mid-game power boost.

Gamble for jewelry the first chance you get

Around the same time you unlock Essence Transfer (after finishing the Library of Zolton Kulle main quest) you also unlock the ability to gamble for jewelry items in Rakis Plaza in Westmarch. While the NPC Yakin will let you gamble on mystery items for any item slot, gambling on jewelry is a must as soon as you've unlocked the ability to do so. That's because you're unlikely to have all your jewelry slots filled at this point in the game, so it is definitely worth it to spend some gold and fill up your jewelry slots for a significant power boost.

Unlock the Helliquary ASAP

The Helliquary is another new feature in Diablo Immortal, and it's important to unlock it as soon as possible in order to begin leveling it up. After completing the main questline in Bilefen that sends you back to Westmarch, you'll meet with Rayoc, who explains the basics of the Helliquary and tasks you with completing a level six challenge rift to kill a specific demon. Do not put this off. Instead, stop whatever you are doing and do this immediately. Once Chaos Herald Pyl is dead, you'll earn your first piece of Scoria, an important currency used to upgrade your Helliquary. The higher level your Helliquary, the higher the combat rating of items earned from it. After unlocking the Helliquary, you can earn Scoria by completing daily battle pass quests and the battle pass raid activity to steadily level up your Helliquary and continue to increase the power of your Helliquary rewards.

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