Diablo Immortal Release Date Confirmed As June 2, PC Open Beta Confirmed For Same Day

A new circle of Hell will be opening for mobile players just in time for summer.


We now know when Hell will descend onto mobile devices as Blizzard has announced Diablo Immortal will launch on both iOS and Android on June 2.

The game will launch with eight different zones, each with their own style, loot, and enemies, with more zones coming in the future. Players can also join up in random live events to take on larger enemies as well as the Helliquary, an eight-player mission that serves as the game's first raid experience.

June 2 will also mark the beginning of an open beta test for the newly revealed PC version of the game, which will support full cross-progression with both iOS and Android. The PC version will support WASD movement for the first time in Diablo history, while all progress made by PC beta testers will carry over to the full version of the game upon release.

Diablo Immortal is a unique story in Diablo lore set between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. Players will build characters and fight against hellish hordes commanded by Skarn, the Lord of Damnation. Those interested in pre-registering can do so on both iOS and Android now.

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