Diablo Immortal, A New RPG, Announced For Mobile At BlizzCon 2018

The franchise is headed to mobile for a brand-new game.

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Diablo was for much of its life a PC-only franchise. Now, with Diablo III having expanded to consoles--including, as of today, Nintendo Switch--Blizzard has its eyes set on what might be its most difficult adaptation of the action RPG yet: mobile.

During the BlizzCon 2018 opening ceremony, Blizzard revealed that it is developing a brand-new Diablo game to mobile platforms. Blizzard said it "want[s] to do it in a way that's true to Blizzard, putting gameplay first, in a way that feels right for Diablo." It's described as a full-fledged action RPG you can play everywhere with everyone. It's being developed in collaboration with NetEase. The Chinese company has previously helped to bring a number of Blizzard's games to China.

Diablo: Immortal tells the story between Diablo II and Diablo III, filling in details on what unfolded with Tyrael, Malthael, and others. A cinematic was shown featuring voiceover from Tyrael talking about the events following the destruction of the Worldstone. He spoke about its corruption spreading, leading to a CG sequence where a Barbarian attacks enemies in various settings. Just as he's about be killed, he's saved by another of Diablo III's classes, the Wizard. After they wipe out the enemy forces, they're joined by several other characters (the remaining Diablo III classes) as Diablo emerges from a huge cloud of smoke.

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Next we were shown some brief gameplay clips. While seemingly catered to a mobile interface (as is to be expected), it does appear to have the same style of gameplay we're accustomed to from the franchise. New abilities will be available for the six classes, along with new zones, stories, and dungeons. It also features online multiplayer, with numerous characters being shown on the screen at once--we counted at least six, which is more than Diablo III allows for.

Diablo III originally launched on PC in 2012, making its console debut a year later on PS3 and Xbox 360. A year after that, it moved to the newest generation of consoles with a PS4 and Xbox One release, and alongside the start of BlizzCon 2018, it's now launched an excellent Nintendo Switch version.

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Avatar image for ralinsilver

Man, I am so disappointed. Everything about this is screaming "hey we sold out and are now only interested in money". Everyone knows phone games are just silly loot box cash grabs. Its basically the phone game mo. Making your big final reveal a phone game regardless of diablo or what ever is basically saying you no longer care about creating quality games.

I haven't lost all hope. But damn, that spark is dim. Just fucking tease something about D4 or a content update for D3 and everyone will forget about this.

Avatar image for NaturallyEvil

I don't know how so many people were shocked by this. It's just the next logical step on the road that Blizzard has been going down for many years. A cartoony loot box shooter and an already mobile-style card game weren't too casual for the super-hardcore Blizzard fans, but a mobile ARPG makes them cry.

Avatar image for 3partan341

Everyone wants to make trash spinoffs now. What's wrong with making a new game and giving it a new name!?

Avatar image for PETERAKO

What did they expect would happen? Of course a crowd of blizzard fans would boo a mobile game. Nearly all mainstream/hardcore gamers resent the wasteland that is the mobile gaming scene that heaps of plebs drop money on software that often can't even be qualified as games. And don't get me started on monetization. That is the company that wanted you to rebuy everything for the MW remaster and then some, giving the reigns on a chinese dev that has made some genero-action/RPG you've seen a hundred times in some ad with different names. You can bet your ass immortal will be trying to get your money anyway it can.

Avatar image for newbpwnr

i got banned on the warcraft 3 forums for calling them activision-activision.

Avatar image for m7stech

Mass Effect - Dead

Battlefront - Dead

Destiny - Dead

Dawn of War - Dead

Need for Speed - Dead

Command And Conquer - Dead

Fallout - Dead

Diablo - Dead

Avatar image for zmanbarzel

@m7stech: Niedermeyer?

Avatar image for ormgaard

Diablo 3 for my phone , a remastered warcraft 3, WoW Classic that requires a full WOW subscription to play but hey lets go FTP on Destiny, Is that really what you can come up with ? it all stinks of a moneygrabbing spiral to hell.

Diablo 4, Warcraft 4, Ftp Wow Classic, that would have made headlines and happy fans, i guess its back to private WoW classic servers for me atleast here i can relive the glory days of this fallen behemoth of a company.

Sigh.... Blizzard my favorite gaming company for so many years i dont know what to say really besides i lost all hope in you.

Avatar image for ronthallsballs

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Unbelievable. I need to play some D2 to remind myself of a time when this series wasn’t a complete fucking joke. Re-masters, ports, lazy dlc...has making games become such a joyless grind that it’s preferable to attach your name to a half-assed cash grab rather than create something badass you can be proud of? Is the money really worth it? Rockstar is rich as **** and they’re STILL putting out works of art. Suck my balls Blizzard.

Avatar image for DarkLord

I was watching the reveal on Twitch and everyone is screaming for the Diablo stuff to happen. Then it did. It was overwhelmingly negative. I saw so many 'boooooo' or 'noooooo' etc. I was sitting there thinking that it was a total let down. I had high hopes for either Diablo 4 or at a stretch Act VI of Diablo 3. I don't care in the least about a Diablo mobile game and it feels to me like a cheap sellout of the franchise, no matter how nice it looked in their promo.

Avatar image for HesamB

"Don't you guys have phones? lol"

Avatar image for toffifee

Thanks, Blizzard, for giving us something that no one in any dimension would ever want.

Avatar image for IanNottinghamX

@toffifee: I can only think this might do well in Asian countries. Because they play alot on mobile.

Avatar image for goodgamesguy

Wow, what the hell. Was hoping for Diablo 4 but instead we’re going to get some wack ass mobile money grab game.

Avatar image for NaturallyEvil

"Diablo was for much of its life a PC-only franchise"

It's nice of them to clue me in from the very first sentance that this is written by someone who knows nothing about these games.

Avatar image for Argle

Blizzard is dead to me. I would have preferred they announced nothing at all, at least I could be mildly interested for the WC3 remake. Diablo mobile is just an open palm slap to the face.

Avatar image for DarkLord

@Argle: That remake is a remaster like they did with StarCraft right? I only found out about it after the fact.

Avatar image for s1taz4a3l

This announcement made it an official coronation of Path of Exile as the future of ARPGs.

They are not even going to try. But as i recall this is only but one of a few titles being developed under the Diablo license, next year we will have zynga developing a match 3 diablo with deckard cain giving you the intro like the willy wonka match 3 that got released.

Avatar image for DarkLord

@s1taz4a3l: "Stay a while and match stuff!" -Decard Cain

Avatar image for dzimm

This is getting an absurd amount of hate at the Battle.net forums. Hundreds of comments, and every single one is negative. One person talked about how she was crying about it, which I thought was a bit extreme.

Avatar image for Daian

This is sad even by current Blizzard standards.

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

Hmmmm... Was hoping for something different here.

Avatar image for zmanbarzel

Not my type of game, but I do appreciate Blizzard stomping on the hearts of people who believe they're entitled to something.

Avatar image for lordomnius

The fact that Gamespot reports on the diablo immortal news without so much of a mention of the complete disaster the reception was, with Blizzcon fans for the first time withholding any applause and even booing the game developers, tells me that Gamespot definitely isn't interesting in reporting game news, and is just an extended advertising site for game corporates.

Come on Gamespot, I know you are not real journalists but at least pretend to for once! This product has more that 50.000 downvotes on youtube and only a little more then a thousand upvotes. Blizzards biggest fans are booing and insulting Blizzard at Blizzcon itself of all places and you choose not to report this?

Avatar image for struvokreborn

@lordomnius: its actually over 208k downvotes now and 7k likes. the first one they unlisted once it got to around 350 likes and 30k dislikes. thats after they started deleting all the top comments to try to go on full damage control. now a nuclear bomb has went off on both their diablo youtube channel and their forum

Avatar image for jaredj

I've watched every BlizzCon. My first Blizzard title was War2: Tides when I was a kid.

I've never seen such a sour reception. Diablo Immortal, developed by Chinese mobile game developer NetEase looks from a practical perspective like a total cash grab. Compare it to Crusaders of Light (a previous NetEase title), and it's complete reskin from that games base coding.

Avatar image for ProjektInsanity

I cringed so hard I think I chipped a tooth. I don't even recognize Blizzard anymore. It hurts a bit that one of the most beloved developers of my childhood has become this...thing.

Avatar image for Barighm

Remember when spin-offs meant new takes on our favourite franchises in different genres? Now they're just crappy mobile games.

Avatar image for Lach0121

FFS not another mobile game.

Just make Diablo 4. Diablo 3 came out in 2012. If 4 was announced today we would get the game in 2020 at the earliest. That is 8 freaking years, and that is long enough.

And cue the "we don't need Diablo 4" rhetoric... You know it's coming.

Avatar image for ProjektInsanity

@Lach0121: Or even a D-3 expansion, if it must be so. Not this, which NOBODY asked for. Well, maybe one guy. I'd be willing to bet one guy asked for this. I hope he enjoys the hell out of it.

Avatar image for Lach0121

@ProjektInsanity: That expansion better come with something really special act, and more than just an added character like last time.

I've gone through D3 enough.

Avatar image for attirex


Avatar image for cboye18

What else could you expect? A tired and dwindling MMO with no end in sight. A remaster of a 15-year old game none asked for with no sequel in sight. A $60 multiplayer-only hero shooter with limited modes and being a loot box galore.

And now further exploitation and casualization of the weakest game in the franchise. Blizzcon 2018 concludes with being one of the worst in many years. Yet you blizztards keep swallowing any turd they send your way like dessert. Might as well commend Blizzard for their marketing strategy that requires little effort on their part.

Avatar image for subu4life

Looks like Deckard Cain is flipping us the bird. This time both hands.

Avatar image for RELeon

So D3 on Switch and a Diablo Mobile game.....another crap year for Diablo.

Avatar image for dzimm

@RELeon: Actually, D3 on Switch is all kinds of awesome. The mobile game, not so much.

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

They know they have enough loyalists they could print pictures of Diablo and Warcraft on used pizza boxes and they'd still sell them. They're probably going to make a ton of money off this and we'll keep getting mobile versions of once great games. Farewell Diablo, farewell Command & Conquer.

Avatar image for ProjektInsanity

@lionheartssj1: Damn man, not even on a new pizza box? Oh well, where's my wallet...


Avatar image for lionheartssj1

@ProjektInsanity: Nah, a really greasy used one. Where they don't use the little plastic kitchen table and the top of the box touches the cheese and messes it up.

I kinda want some pizza now.

Avatar image for ProjektInsanity

@lionheartssj1: Haha! Probably be a better use of your cash than this soulless piece of crap. I'd just like to see a recording of how the meeting went where some conman pitched this garbage. "It's exactly like Diablo 3...but worse...and MOBILE!" *everyone present laughs maniacally before toasting each other with goblets of human blood*

Avatar image for sirk1264

Definitely disappointed. Wanted a diablo 4 instead got this. I have a feeling there’s going to be some micro transaction crap like with what is seen in other ARPGs on mobile. This will probably be a hard pass. Think I’m going to give Grim Dawn and Wolcen: lords of mayhem a try on PC.

Avatar image for jako998

What a huge ass let down. It's bern what 6 years since Diablo 3 and they release this bs?

Avatar image for mari3k

Hahaha, so many thought it was Diablo 4 for sure... what a letdown...

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Wow has this Blizzon been a total flop. Warcraft "remaster" instead of Warcraft 4, Destiny 2 admits defeat and goes F2P, and this joke no one wanted.

Blizzcon is done. It's Activisioncon.

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