Diablo III: The Order - Excerpt From the Novel

Can't get enough Diablo right now? Check out this excerpt from the forthcoming novel by Nate Kenyon.


If you're getting to that point where you're so excited about Diablo III that you want to absorb every single piece of associated media, check out what we have embedded below. Diablo III: The Order is the latest novel set in the Diablo universe (there have been a bunch of them already, all well received by fans), and it follows Deckard Cain's quest to find the Horadrim, years before the events of the new game. The book, by Nate Kenyon, will be released on May 15 alongside the game.

If you're an avid horror fan, you may have heard of Kenyon. He's a Bram Stoker Award finalist and has had stories published in Shroud Magazine; Permuted Press' Monstrous anthology, Horror World, Dead Lines, The Harrow, and Legends of the Mountain State 2; and The Monster's Corner. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association and of International Thriller Writers. He also has some experience with Blizzard properties: he wrote Starcraft: Ghost - Spectres.

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