Diablo III coming to PS3, PS4

Blizzard's hack-and-slash lootfest coming to Sony platforms, will include four-player split-screen co-op.


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Blizzard vice president Chris Metzen made a surprise appearance at Sony's PlayStation Meeting tonight to make a quick announcement. After joking that Blizzard and Sony were joining forces with the ultimate goal of world domination, he reminded viewers that Blizzard started out as a console game developer. Metzen mentioned early Blizzard games Rock 'N Roll Racing and Blackthorne and then stated that Blizzard has long been looking for the game that would enable it to break back into the console space. Blizzard has figured out what that game is, he said: it's Diablo III.

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No footage of Diablo III running on the PlayStation 4 was shown, but Metzen did let drop that the game will also be available on the PlayStation 3 and that it will feature four-player split-screen cooperative play. "One couch to rule them all," Metzen cracked. He said that Blizzard will have more to show of Diablo III on Sony consoles at PAX East next month.

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