Diablo III auction house staying offline for at least another 24 hours

Blizzard takes Diablo III auction houses offline following gold exploit bug; return date currently unknown.


The Diablo III auction house will be remaining offline for at least another day, Blizzard has announced. The downtime began after the game's recent 1.0.8 patch, which triggered an exploit allowing players to generate trillions of gold.

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The bug has since been fixed, although the gold and real-money auction houses remain offline for an indefinite time in the Americas. It was stated that a rollback will not be necessary, as Blizzard is conducting an audit on players who exploited the bug.

Blizzard has as yet been unable to provide a time frame for when the service would be restored, but has stated that updates will be posted in the announcement thread on the company's forums.

Diablo III's incorporation of an auction house has remained controversial throughout the game's lifespan. Speaking at The Game Developers Conference (GDC), former game director Jay Wilson said that the auction house had negatively impacted the game.

Wilson revealed that over a million unique users log in to Diablo III each day.

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