Diablo II to get new character type

The upcoming patch for Blizzard's popular action role-playing game will introduce a ladder character.


Diablo II

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed new information about what will be included in the upcoming patch for Diablo II, its popular action role-playing game. According to the developer, the version 1.10 patch will introduce a new type of character called a ladder character. Players will then be able to choose from normal, ladder, or hardcore when they create their characters.

Characters created before the release of the 1.10 patch who are not hardcore characters will automatically become normal characters and will not have the option to become ladder characters. Normal characters will not be able to play with the new ladder characters, which means that for the duration of the ladder season, which Blizzard will announce later, the ladder characters will exist in a new separate economy on Battle.net.

Blizzard will not delete any legitimate items or characters with the new patch, but the company will continue to delete hacked or duplicated items, as well as characters who are part of accounts used to attack the Battle.net servers. We'll post more information about the new Diablo II patch as it becomes available.

Diablo II was released in June 2000. The fast-paced role-playing game is set in a medieval fantasy world, and it was one of the best-selling games of 2000. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, an expansion set for the game, was released in June 2001, and it has consistently placed in the weekly and monthly lists of best-selling games this year. For more information, read our full reviews of Diablo II and Diablo II .

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