Diablo II: More Paladin Skills Revealed

We preview the more powerful abilities of Diablo II's holy avenger.


Diablo II

Spoiler alert: This story contains information and screens of the game's later skills and spells. The following information may ruin some of the game's surprises.

The paladin will face many deadly challenges over the course of Diablo II, but he will become increasingly fit to deal with them as he gains experience in combat. His higher-level skills, some of which are described below, include a host of special attacks and holy auras that can enhance his already-impressive combat prowess remarkably, just as they can lend equal benefit to his allies.

The paladin's skill set includes a host of offense- and defense-oriented holy auras that grant the paladin special powers, sometimes at no mana cost. His higher-level defensive auras include vigor, which boosts his speed and stamina, as well as salvation, which bolsters the paladin's elemental resistances. The uncharacteristic meditation aura actually helps replenish the paladin's mana. A paladin can set his secondary skill to meditation and set his primary attack to a special attack skill, and not have to worry about running out of mana when using his special attack.

His high-level offense auras include holy shock, which deals electrical damage to all enemies that strike him; and sanctuary, which severely injures the undead. The paladin's fanaticism aura gives a bonus to his attack speed, which lets the paladin lash out at his foes continuously, especially when combined with his effective zeal skill.

The paladin can also imbue his weapon with elemental powers using the vengeance skill, just as he can summon a spiritual weapon called the blessed hammer to strike out at all his nearby foes. The paladin even has a skill that gives him a percentage chance to convert his enemies to fight for his cause.

Between his inherent combat proficiency and his high hit points, the paladin can defeat most any of his foes in single combat. But when he's faced with enemies attacking from all directions, his various auras will lead him to victory, as these auras can either damage his enemies or enhance the paladin's own attacks. In addition, his defensive auras will benefit any nearby party members as well as himself, which will certainly make the paladin a very popular character to ally with in multiplayer games.

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