Diablo 4's Next Patch Will Finally Add A New Stash Tab And More

Patch 1.1.1 will address (some) of players' inventory woes.


Diablo IV's next patch will look to address some pain points players of the ARPG have had since launch, including the game's inventory space problems.

As revealed during a developer livestream where Blizzard vowed it would never release a huge, player-power-affecting patch similar to the game's controversial Season 1 update "ever again," Blizzard additionally announced another patch is right around the corner. Patch 1.1.1 will bring a number of improvements to the game, several of which directly address one common complaint: inventory space.

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In patch 1.1.1., an additional stash tab is being added to give players more room to store important items and gear. Going hand-in-hand with the new stash tab will be a change to the maximum elixir stack size. Soon players will be able to stack 99 of each elixir, which should greatly reduce some inventory space clutter. Though it didn't have a specific fix to announce, Blizzard said the team is looking at addressing the problem of players carrying around so many Legendary Aspects in the future as well.

Blizzard did outline other changes players can expect to see sooner rather than later, although not all of them will arrive with patch 1.1.1. Leveling speeds sound like they will increase in the future, as Blizzard has acknowledged feedback around how slow it is to level from 50-100. Mob density in Helltides and Nightmare dungeons will be increased to make for more efficient farming. That will pair nicely with nerfs to enemies that charge, explode, and chill that Blizzard plans to implement. Other changes players can expect to come in future seasons include more ways to farm for specific items in Season 2 and a new form of endgame content tailored around leaderboards in Season 3.

More details about patch 1.1.1 will be coming next week on July 28, when Blizzard hosts another developer livestream to discuss upcoming changes. Diablo IV Season 1 began on July 20 and introduced the game's first battle pass alongside new mechanics in the form of Malignant Hearts.

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