Diablo 4's New Boss: Concept Art Is "Nightmare Fuel," But In A Good Way

Rod Fergusson, new head of the Diablo team, has gotten an early look at the "disturbing images" you'll experience in Diablo IV.


Rod Fergusson, the former head of Gears studio The Coalition, recently left to lead the Diablo team for Blizzard as it works on Diablo 4. He seems to be getting settled in and has dropped some hints of what he's seeing behind-the-scenes for the upcoming game (while also teasing fans about how he's already playing the game). Here's what he has seen since arriving.

From his short time in the office so far, he posed outside his new office and then shared that he's seen the art archive. He praised the talent of the art team, while also acknowledging that the imagery for the hellish series is "disturbing." And this is a man who just left a series about chainsawing creatures in half.

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Fergusson has had a long career in game development, and he was notably credited with helping finish BioShock Infinite when it hit a rough patch. After that he worked at 2K on the game that would become Mafia 3--eventually leaving due to creative differences--and then became a manager at Black Tusk, which later became The Coalition.

No release date has been given for Diablo 4, but Blizzard has promised quarterly updates on its development progress. Since then we've gotten some more details on things like controls and UI, as well as details for some of the new enemy tribes. There's also a Diablo anime series in the works for Netflix.

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