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Diablo 4 Will Soon Let Players Craft Its Most Powerful Uber Unique Items

Hope you held onto all those unwanted Uber Uniques.


Diablo 4's most powerful Uber Unique items will soon be craftable come the game's next update.

Uber Uniques are the rarest items in Diablo 4, and for good reason; they are absurdly strong. While extremely rare, Uber Unique technically can drop just about anywhere players acquire endgame loot, but Blizzard recently took steps to make Uber Uniques a little more obtainable after some players questioned whether they even existed. In Season of Blood, Blizzard added the ability target farm Uber Uniques from a new endgame boss, Uber Duriel.

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But farming up the materials to take on Uber Duriel over and over currently takes a good chunk of time and effort, and the rewards aren't always worth it. As Blizzard states in the official patch notes for the upcoming update 1.3.2, obtaining an Uber Unique should be a game-changing moment, but that feeling can turn to disappointment and "lessen that feeling of triumph" when a duplicate Uber Unique or one that isn't desirable for a given build drops, making all that time and effort essentially worthless.

That will soon change. Last week Blizzard advised players to hold onto their unwanted Uber Uniques, and now we know why. Update 1.3.2, scheduled to arrive on February 13 for all platforms, will introduce Uber Unique crafting to the Alchemist, giving players more control over RNG than ever before. Players will be able to salvage unwanted Uber Uniques and gain a new resource, Resplendent Sparks, five of which can be used to craft a specific Uber Unique of their choice. Additionally, the drop rate for Uber Uniques outside of Uber Duriel will go up across the board, giving a wider range of players the chance of seeing some of Diablo 4's best items.

It's a smart change that makes finding additional Uber Uniques worthwhile. Prior to the update, unwanted Uber Uniques simply sat in most players' stashes accumulating dust because many couldn't bring themselves to sell such a rare item for gold, a resource that largely becomes meaningless at higher levels once players have nearly perfected their characters.

Diablo 4 Season 3 is currently in full swing. Initially, players didn't seem thrilled with the season's new trap-filled Vault dungeons and robotic companion, but recent updates have significantly buffed the Seneschal Construct so that it can wipe out waves of enemies all on its own. The first expansion for Diablo 4, Vessel of Hatred, is scheduled to arrive in late 2024.

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