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Diablo 4 Will Receive New Story Content Every 3 Months

Quarterly updates for Blizzard's upcoming ARPG will bring new storylines associated with additional mechanics and game features.


Diablo IV is set to receive "meaty" quarterly updates every three months: updates that will introduce new storylines, according to Game Informer.

In Game Informer's latest cover story, Diablo IV associate game director Joe Piepiora said that while he hesitates to use the word "expansion," the game's post-launch quarterly updates will consist of additional story content that will be tied into the new mechanics and features of each update. Updates will additionally be accompanied by a new seasonal battle pass, which will come in both free and premium forms. Blizzard has previously confirmed that the game's first season will not go live with Diablo IV and will come sometime later.

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Blizzard recently offered more information on what exactly Diablo IV's endgame will look like in the form of a developer video. Nightmare dungeons, alongside areas out in the open world called Helltides, will make up the bulk of the endgame experience. Nightmare dungeons serve as harder, remixed versions of the more than 100 dungeons present in Diablo IV at launch, with various affixes further spicing up the replayability of each dungeon.

In the cover story, Blizzard revealed two additional affixes players will have to overcome when conquering Diablo IV's endgame Nightmare dungeons. One such affix will see an invincible pillar of lightning constantly chase players throughout the dungeon, while another will add a shade that follows players and, if touched, will obscure their vision and summon additional enemies.

Blizzard also shared a few new details about Helltides with Game Informer, clarifying that multiple areas in the world can be affected by Helltides at once and persist for a limited time. Deadlier enemies will spawn within a Helltide's borders, including remixed versions of various bosses from throughout the game.

Diablo IV's recent beta was the biggest in the franchise's history, with millions of players reaching level 20 and claiming beta-exclusive rewards. Blizzard is planning to host a livestream on April 20 to address beta feedback and dive deeper into how Diablo IV's endgame systems will work. Diablo IV is slated to arrive on June 6.

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