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Diablo 4 Will Let You Skip Its Campaign (After Your First Playthrough)

The feature sounds similar to Diablo 3's Adventure Mode, though there are still details that have yet to be clarified.


Diablo IV will include a campaign-skip feature for players who have completed the game's main storyline at least once, Blizzard has confirmed.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the "skip campaign" button as part of a new "Your class your way" trailer. Blizzard global community development director Adam Fletcher took to Twitter and clarified that players will need to have completed the campaign on one character before having the ability to "skip" the campaign on subsequent characters.

Diablo III eventually introduced a similar system, called Adventure Mode, where players didn't need to complete the story and instead could level up via completing bounties and defeating monsters in the game's world. It's currently unclear what options players who skip the campaign in Diablo IV will have when it comes to leveling up, as bounties, Helltides, and Nightmare dungeons in Diablo IV have been described as endgame activities for level 50+ characters.

Presumably, players can focus on completing normal dungeons or tackling the various side quests littered throughout Sanctuary to level up, but whether going that route is faster or easier than simply playing through the campaign another time isn't known. In previous interviews, Blizzard stated that Diablo IV's main campaign will take around 35 hours to complete.

Players will get one more chance to take Diablo IV for a spin ahead of launch as part of its Server Slam weekend May 12-14. That will be the final chance to earn beta-exclusive rewards that carry over to the full version of Diablo IV. It will also bring with it another chance for players to offer feedback ahead of the game's June 6 release. Feedback from the beta saw Blizzard make changes to Diablo IV's repetitive dungeons and address class balance.

Blizzard, in the lead-up to launch, has been sharing plenty of new details about Diablo IV, like how it will receive new seasonal content every three months and that its battle passes will take roughly 80 hours to complete. Diablo IV's endgame grind will unlock at level 50 and will consist of players conquering challenging Nightmare dungeons and target-farming for powerful items in Helltide areas.

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