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Diablo 4 Season 1: How To Farm Guaranteed Wrathful Malignant Hearts

This method of farming Wrathful Malignant Hearts makes finding some of Season 1's best items quick and easy.


Malignant Hearts in Diablo IV are the main new addition for the game's first season, and unlocking the full potential of any character or build revolves around having the right ones for the job.

Thankfully, there's a way to get a guaranteed Wrathful Malignant Heart (the most powerful type), and it doesn't require much time or effort. This is the best way to get some of Season 1's most sought-after hearts, like The Barber. Even better, this method is easily repeatable, meaning you can use this strategy to farm to your heart's content. Here's how.

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Diablo IV Wrathful Malignant Hearts Farming Guide

In order to take advantage of this farming method, players will need to have progressed to the final seasonal quest, "The Cold Hard Truth." The quest will task players with entering the Velkhova Church Undercroft in the Fractured Peaks zone. Once inside, players will meet up with Season 1's main character, Cormond. He will task players with helping him to perform a ritual to summon Varshan the Consumed. Killing the boss always rewards a Wrathful Heart, with Cormond even telling players to pick it up off the ground.

The key is to defeat the final boss of this dungeon quest, but do not turn in the quest and complete it. This will allow you to grab the loot from the boss, leave the dungeon, reset it, and then repeat the dungeon whenever you want. You can reset dungeons by either clicking the "Reset Dungeon" button at the bottom of your quest tab or by simply logging out and logging back into the game.

Though players will always get a guaranteed Wrathful Heart from the boss, there is also a chance to grab Wrathful Hearts from other Malignant enemies within the dungeon. One rare Malignant enemy spawns just before the boss encounter and has a chance of being a Wrathful Malignant enemy, so keep an eye out in order to increase the number of Wrathful Malignant Hearts you can earn per run. If your character is powerful enough, you can run through the entire dungeon and defeat the boss in a matter of minutes, making this an incredibly lucrative farm.

The only downside to this method is if you complete the quest by accident or already completed it prior to knowing about this farming strategy, you are essentially locked out of the dungeon if you're playing solo. However, all hope isn't lost. You'll simply need to team up with a friend or another player on the quest and join their party. Even if you've already completed it, defeating the boss as a member of a party that has not completed the quest will still grant you the Wrathful Heart as a reward.

For more on how to make the most of Diablo IV Season 1, be sure to check out our guide on how to best use Smoldering Ashes and a breakdown of all of Season of the Malignant's Season Journey objectives and rewards.

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