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Diablo 4 - Rogue Skills Guide

Learn about the Rogue's vicious skills in Diablo 4.


The Rogue is one of the classes that you can choose in Diablo 4. This character is akin to the Assassin, Amazon, and Demon Hunter rolled into one agile combatant. Here's our Diablo 4 Rogue skills overview guide to help you with various abilities that you can unlock.

Diablo 4 Rogue skills

The Diablo 4 Rogue skills can be subdivided into several categories:

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  • Cutthroat - Offensive melee abilities.
  • Marksman - Offensive ranged abilities.
  • Traps - Placing down obstacles or crowd-control features.
  • Grenades - Thrown explosives.

Additionally, the Diablo 4 Rogue uses energy as a resource, which regenerates over time. Moreover, there's the Imbuement mechanic, where some attacks are infused with shadow, poison, or cold effects to make them deadlier.

Likewise, the classes in the game use tiers/groupings for each skill and talent, unlocked once you've spent enough skill points. We list these in the sections below based on connected nodes/upgrades. Lastly, you can take a look at our separate article regarding Rogue talents/passives.

Diablo 4 Rogue Basic skills

Basic skills are always available to cast. They deal fairly low damage, but are your bread-and-butter abilities.

Invigorating Strike (dual-wield) - Deals damage and improves energy regeneration.

  • Enhanced - Increases the energy regeneration bonus further when you damage crowd-controlled or injured targets (i.e., below 35% HP).
    • Fundamental - Apply vulnerable when you hit a target while you're below 50% energy.
    • Primary - Grants extra Lucky Hit chance; increases when you hit a crowd-controlled or injured target.

Blade Shift (dual-wield) - Do a quick stab while moving through enemies.

  • Enhanced - Increased movement speed while active and upon damaging a foe.
    • Fundamental - Moving through enemies with Blade Shift refreshes its duration; the fifth time you do this, Blade Shift will daze enemies (i.e., prevent them from attacking or using skills).
    • Primary - Increases your non-physical resistances and reduces the duration of control impairing effects.

Puncture (dual-wield) - Throw blades at a short distance; every third cast will slow enemies; critical hits will always slow.

  • Enhanced - Gain energy when you hit a crowd-controlled enemy with Puncture.
    • Fundamental - Throw blades in a spread arc; if two blades hit the same enemy, it will be vulnerable (i.e., +20% increased damage taken).
    • Primary - Every third cast will also ricochet; critical hits will always ricochet.

Heartseeker (ranged weapon) - Fire an arrow that seeks an enemy; increases your critical chance against them.

  • Enhanced - A critical hit gives bonus attack speed; increased if the enemy is vulnerable.
    • Fundamental - Increases crit damage done against the target.
    • Primary - Ricochets to another enemy.

Forceful Arrow (ranged weapon) - Fire an arrow; the third cast makes the target vulnerable.

  • Enhanced - Increased crit chance for the third cast.
    • Fundamental - Knocks back non-elite enemies; if they collide with another hostile, they're both knocked down.
    • Primary - Can pierce through vulnerable enemies.

Diablo 4 Rogue Core skills

Core skills cost energy. They can be imbued with magical properties via the Imbuement tier, and you'll unlock them once you've spent at least two skill points.

Barrage (ranged weapon) - Unleash a spread arrows that expand outwards in an arc; each arrow has a chance to ricochet off an enemy.

  • Enhanced - Ricochets are guaranteed when you hit a vulnerable enemy or land a crit.
    • Advanced - When a Barrage ricochets at least four times, the next cast has increased crit chance.
    • Improved - Every third cast makes enemies vulnerable.

Twisting Blades (dual-wield) - Impales a target and causes them to take increased damage while impaled; the blades will then pierce through enemies when returning to you.

  • Enhanced - Increased damage when the blades return to you.
    • Advanced - Reduces cooldowns for every enemy your returning blades hit.
    • Improved - Dazes enemies that are impaled.

Flurry (dual-wield) - Do four hits with stabs and slashes.

  • Enhanced - Heals you if the target is crowd-controlled or vulnerable.
  • Advanced - Evading through an enemy will let your next Flurry cast stun targets.
  • Improved - If Flurry hits a vulnerable enemy, all others hit by that cast will also become vulnerable.

Penetrating Shot (ranged weapon) - Fire an arrow that pierces through a line.

  • Enhanced - Increased damage for every additional enemy it pierces.
    • Advanced - If you have full energy, enemies that are hit will be slowed and elites will be knocked down.
    • Improved - If you hit at least three enemies, the next cast will have an increased crit chance.

Rapid Fire (ranged weapon) - Fires up to five arrows in quick succession.

  • Enhanced - Each subsequent arrow has increased crit chance.
    • Advanced - Increased crit damage if cast after you evade.
    • Improved - Gain energy when you damage a vulnerable enemy.
Flurry causes your character to strike an opponent multiple times with your melee weapons.
Flurry causes your character to strike an opponent multiple times with your melee weapons.

Diablo 4 Rogue Agility skills

Agility skills are all about using the Rogue's own nimbleness and tricks to move around the battlefield. Spending at least six skill points will let you pick from these options.

Shadow Step (dual-wield) - Become unstoppable (i.e., remove and prevent all control impairing effects), then backstab a target; movement speed is temporarily increased afterward. This can be imbued.

  • Enhanced - Increases your crit chance against an enemy you damage with Shadow Step.
    • Disciplined - The cooldown is reduced if you damage an enemy that you haven't hit with Shadow Step.
    • Methodical - Stuns enemies that are damaged.

Caltrops - Leap backwards and throw caltrops on the ground; slows down enemies; two charges.

  • Enhanced - Enemies take increased damage when they're affected by Caltrops.
    • Disciplined - Increased crit chance against those affected by Caltrops.
    • Methodical - Can deal cold damage and chill enemies.

Dash - Dash forward and slash enemies; two charges; can be imbued.

  • Enhanced - Enemies damaged by Dash take increased crit damage.
    • Disciplined - Slows down enemies; dazes them if they're already slowed.
    • Methodical - Reduces the cooldown of charges if you hit crowd-controlled enemies.

Diablo 4 Rogue Subterfuge skills

Subterfuge skills, as the name implies, let you use underhanded maneuvers to gain the upper hand. These become available once you've spent 11 skill points.

Concealment - Enters stealth temporarily (not removed by taking damage); makes you unstoppable; move through enemies freely.

  • Enhanced - Gain energy when entering Concealment.
    • Countering - The ability you use to break Concealment is guaranteed to be a critical.
    • Subverting - The ability you use to break Concealment makes enemies vulnerable.

Smoke Grenade - Throw a smoky concoction that dazes enemies.

  • Enhanced - Those affected take increased damage.
    • Countering - Lucky Hit; those hit with direct damage and affected by a Smoke Grenade will reduce its cooldown.
    • Subverting - The daze effect lasts longer if enemies are already vulnerable, slowed, or chilled.

Poison Trap - Place a trap that causes a poison AoE when an enemy moves within range.

  • Enhanced - Knocks down enemies when the trap is triggered.
  • Countering - Chance to reset Imbuement cooldowns when triggered.
  • Subverting - Increased damage to those affected.

Dark Shroud - Surround yourself with shadows that reduce damage taken; shadows are consumed when you're hit.

  • Enhanced - Chance for shadows to not get consumed.
    • Countering - Gain increased crit chance when at least two shadows are active.
    • Subverting - Each active shadow increases your movement speed.

Diablo 4 Rogue Imbuement skills

The Diablo 4 Rogue skills that provide Imbuement cause some abilities to gain additional effects (i.e., poison, shadow, and cold). These can be selected once you've spent 16 skill points.

Shadow Imbuement - The next two imbued skills deal shadow damage and infect enemies, causing an explosion if they die.

  • Enhanced - Increased crit chance against injured targets affected by Shadow Imbuement.
    • Blended - The explosion will apply vulnerable.
    • Mixed - Affected enemies take increased non-physical damage.

Poison Imbuement - The next two imbued skills deal poison damage, as well as a damage-over-time (DoT) effect.

  • Enhanced - Increases the poison duration.
    • Blended - Critical strikes deal increased poisoning damage.
    • Mixed - Lucky Hit; can apply double the amount of poisoning damage.

Cold Imbuement - The next two imbued skills deal cold damage and apply the chill effect (i.e., reduces movement speed and a chance to freeze if repeatedly applied).

  • Enhanced - Lucky Hit; chance to apply vulnerable.
    • Blended - Crits can instantly freeze enemies.
    • Mixed - Increased damage against crowd-controlled enemies; doubled bonus against frozen targets.

Diablo 4 Rogue Ultimate skills

In Diablo 4, Ultimate skills are those that truly make a difference, causing tremendous damage or enhanced effects. You may choose only one Ultimate skill after spending at least 23 skill points.

Shadow Clone - Create a shadow that mimics your actions, dealing a portion of your base damage.

  • Prime - Become unstoppable temporarily after casting.
    • Supreme - Your clone deals extra damage.

Death Trap - Place a trap that's triggered once a hostile moves within range, dealing huge damage in an area.

  • Prime - Enemies are pulled into the center of the trap and explosion radius once it's triggered.
    • Supreme - Reduces the cooldown if the skill takes out a foe.

Rain of Arrows (ranged weapon) - Numerous arrows rain down over an area twice; can be imbued.

  • Prime - Imbuement effects have increased potency.
    • Supreme - The second wave of arrows will knock down enemies.
Rain of Arrows causes a barrage of projectiles to fall down from the heavens... twice.
Rain of Arrows causes a barrage of projectiles to fall down from the heavens... twice.

Diablo 4 is currently in its beta stage. As such, some of the information here may change as we get closer to the game's official launch on June 6. We'll update this guide accordingly. For now, you may visit our class hub.

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