Diablo 4 PvP Explained - How The Fields Of Hatred Works

PvP is a crucial part of Diablo 4 for some players, and here we break down exactly how it works.


Player versus player combat, or PvP for short, is a major feature in Diablo 4. Of course, players can choose whether or not to participate in PvP, as it's a totally optional feature within the game. If some fans want to stick solely with the main story and PvE elements of Diablo 4, they are completely free to do so. However, those that want to venture into PvP will need to head to the Fields of Hatred in Sanctuary. This is a part of the world map in Diablo 4 and it's solely where PvP takes place. The Fields of Hatred are located in the Dry Steppes region of the map and are found just north of the desert of Kehjistan. If you want to learn more about what goes on in the Fields of Hatred and exactly how PvP works in Diablo 4, you have come to the right place.

How PvP works in Diablo 4

As previously mentioned, you can find the Fields of Hatred in the southern part of the Dry Steppes region (as seen in the screenshot below). You can enter the fields in one of three paths and there is also a town waypoint found in the northwestern part of the area. We recommend visiting and capturing this waypoint as soon as possible so it's easier to fast travel between the area and other parts of the map.

The Fields of Hatred is the area in red on the map.
The Fields of Hatred is the area in red on the map.

Right next to the waypoint in the town, you will see that a new Priority Quest icon has appeared to your left. Talk to the man with the icon over his head, and he will introduce you to the Seeds of Hatred and PvP. Basically, Seeds of Hatred is a currency that is only found within the Fields of Hatred. It is obtained through killing mobs, bosses in the area, chests, and other events. When you leave the Fields of Hatred, all of the Seeds of Hatred you have will be purged, meaning you no longer have them. You can keep track of how many you have by looking at the counter to the left of your mini-map.

If you die in the Fields of Hatred, your seeds will be dropped for any other player to pick up. The goal of the Seeds of Hatred is to bring them to the Altars of Extraction. There are three of these altars in the different corners of the Fields of Hatred. Bringing your seeds there and performing a Purification Ritual allows players to turn them into Red Dust, which is permanent and gets moved to your inventory. You can use Red Dust to buy certain items from vendors in the Fields of Hatred town.

While that's the overall gameplay loop of the Fields of Hatred, players can also "Mark for Blood," which is how they enable PvP in Diablo 4. You can do this by bringing up your quick wheel (E on PC) and scrolling through the options. By marking yourself for blood, you are enabling the ability to kill other players, and for other marked players to kill you. You cannot kill unmarked players and vice versa. To remove a bloodmark, you need to visit the Altar of Cleansing, which is found within the Fields of Hatred town.

A general explanation on how to Mark for Blood in Diablo 4.
A general explanation on how to Mark for Blood in Diablo 4.

Once you are bloodmarked, you can kill other players to become Hatred's Chosen. This title is awarded to the person with the most kills in the Fields of Hatred at a given time. When you are Hatred's Chosen, your position on the map will be revealed to every other player. You can also not perform Purification Rituals at altars and must survive long enough to earn powerful rewards. The Hatred's Chosen title is removed when entering town or leaving the Fields of Hatred.

That just about does it for the PvP system in Diablo 4. The Fields of Hatred will undoubtedly require players to change up their builds and strategy, as they're going up against actual players who can deal a lot more damage than a measly mob can.

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