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Diablo 4 Level Up Fast - Best Ways To Earn XP

The grind can be a slog, but with some XP tricks, you can breeze through it in Diablo 4.


For many players, the Diablo 4 story will be secondary to the endgame content, and to reach it, you'll want to know how to level up fast in Diablo 4. In this guide, we take a look at the many (and best) ways to earn XP so you can top off your character and get them at peak performance, ready to take on all of Hell's toughest challenges.

Complete the main story missions

We're starting off with an obvious one, but it's a tip that some players do tend to forget. When you make it to the hub city of Kyovashad, you may be tempted to go out and explore the region of Fractured Peaks while putting the main story off.

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Main story missions are a great source of XP.
Main story missions are a great source of XP.

While you can take this route, you will be increasing the amount of time it takes to reach max level. By completing all of the main story missions quickly, you not only get to explore the world and discover different waypoints and dungeons, but you'll be earning a ton of XP along the way. In addition to that, the main quests reward you with gold and unique gear, which can help you get through the first 15 levels or so before you start unlocking better gear.

Pay attention to your Renown level

One added element of leveling up in Diablo 4 is the Renown level, which can be accessed by going to your large map and then pressing "W." Here, you can see the Fractured Peaks region at a larger glance. You'll see how many Altar of Lilith statues you've visited, dungeons you've found, and more. However, the most important part of this window is seeing what your current Renown level is at, which you can view at the top of the screen.

Your Renown level is quite important in Diablo 4.
Your Renown level is quite important in Diablo 4.

You have access to multiple Renown levels in Diablo 4, and you can increase these levels by completing side quests, visiting new locations, and finding unique objects in the region, like the Lilith statues. As you increase your Renown in the region, you'll earn more XP and additional items, like more skill points and extra healing potion charges.

Play on World Tier 2

At the start of Diablo 4, you'll be asked which World Tier you want to play on. The two lowest options are Adventurer and Veteran. These are the game's versions of difficulty levels, with Adventurer being easier than Veteran. However, the advantage of Veteran is that you earn more XP and receive better drops from enemies.

You can change your World Tier at anytime.
You can change your World Tier at anytime.

In our experience, Veteran isn't too much harder than Adventurer, so you shouldn't see much of a difference except for the XP you'll be earning. You can always switch between World Tiers at the character selection screen if you change your mind, though.

Use the right skills

While killing enemies isn't the best way to earn XP, there are ways you can utilize mobs to vastly speed up the leveling process. If you equip area-of-effect skills, you can kill hordes of enemies in a matter of seconds. All of these eliminations added up makes a difference in your XP gains. If you keep killing hordes of enemies along the way to a main story quest or a dungeon, then you're basically earning free XP. AoE skills make it so you barely have to do anything to kill these hordes, cutting down on your time spent fighting enemies.

Skills like Hydra for the Sorcerer can make killing hordes much faster.
Skills like Hydra for the Sorcerer can make killing hordes much faster.

If you want to see the best AoE skills for each class, you can read our previous guides on the best builds for the Sorcerer, Rogue, and Barbarian in Diablo 4. Using the sets of skills in those guides will allow you to clear out hordes of enemies with ease, netting you massive amounts of XP over time for doing very little.

Finish all of the Dungeons

Once again, this seems like an obvious one. However, since the dungeons scale with your level in Diablo 4, there's no reason for you not to enter each and every dungeon you come across in the world. While the dungeons tend to take anywhere from 20-45 minutes, they are well worth the XP and rewards that you earn from doing them.

Dungeons are spread across Fractured Peaks.
Dungeons are spread across Fractured Peaks.

You can find dungeons in Diablo 4 by looking for the white cave icons on the map. You need to explore all of a region to locate all of them, but this works great with increasing your Renown level. To see if you've already completed a dungeon, look on your map and see if the dungeon icon has a gold bar next to it. If it doesn't, you have completed that dungeon.

Use XP Elixirs

One of the more underrated ways of earning XP in Diablo 4 is to consume certain Elixirs. You can create Elixirs from the Alchemist in Kyovashad, but you need to progress through the game and do certain quests to unlock the shop's full Elixir inventory. Once you do that, some Elixirs offer XP boosts of 5-10%, which can be quite useful if you consume them right before doing a main story quest or dungeon.

The Alchemist is your one-stop source for all Elixirs.
The Alchemist is your one-stop source for all Elixirs.

You can only consume one Elixir at a time and they each last for 30 minutes. The Elixirs can be crafted using ingredients found across Sanctuary, so make sure you are picking all of the plants you find.

Play with friends

Our final tip to earn more XP is to play in a party. When you play with at least one friend in your party, you are actively earning 10% more XP in anything you do. This is a huge boost to your XP and can allow you to reach a much higher level in a matter of hours. All you need is one friend to receive the XP boost. The second weekend is free for all players, so get anyone you know to download Diablo 4 and hop in a party with you.

Playing with friends is arguably the best way to earn more XP.
Playing with friends is arguably the best way to earn more XP.

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