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Diablo 4 Is Coming To Steam In Time For Season 2

Diablo 4 will be the second Blizzard title available on Valve's PC gaming platform, alongside Overwatch 2.


Diablo IV will release on Steam October 17, the same day the game's second season, Season of Blood, arrives on all platforms. The Steam page is now live.

Those who purchase the game on Steam will still need to set up a account if they don't already have one in order to play. This enables cross-platform play between those playing via as well as on consoles. Diablo IV on Steam will support Achievements as well as the ability to invite Steam friends to play using the Steam friends list.

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"Diablo IV is a game about slaying nightmarish creatures and acquiring powerful gear, but also about forging memories with new and old friends," Blizzard writes in a blog announcing the game's Steam launch. "We want to break down barriers to make it easier for wanderers everywhere to defend Sanctuary."

Blizzard's ARPG will arrive on Steam alongside Season 2, which will introduce a new vampire-themed seasonal questline (complete with 22 Vampiric Powers to earn), five new endgame bosses, and a large list of quality-of-life changes. Those changes include the ability to play seasonal content without having to complete the campaign, XP increases to reduce the endgame grind, and improvements to inventory and stash management.

The rollout for Diablo IV is similar to that of Overwatch 2, which launched on Valve's platform in August alongside the start of the game's sixth season, Invasion. Blizzard said prior to Overwatch 2's release that it would be looking to bring additional titles to Steam "when the time is right."

However, Overwatch 2's Steam launch hasn't exactly been a wild success for Blizzard. Though the game does support solid player numbers on Steam and regularly sees more than 20,000 concurrent players, Overwatch 2 quickly became the lowest user-rated games on the platform (albeit for a surprising reason). It is currently sitting at an "overwhelmingly negative" user review score. Only 10% of Overwatch 2's nearly 200,000 user reviews on Steam are positive.

Many of Overwatch 2's Steam reviews mention the cancellation of the game's planned PvE Hero Mode, originally one of the major selling points for the sequel, as one of the main reasons for the negative reviews. In a blog post, game director Aaron Keller addressed the negative reviews, stating that Hero Missions were "an ambitious project that we ultimately couldn't deliver," but that the team would look to the future and continue "adding to and improving Overwatch 2."

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