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Diablo 4 - How To Get Resplendent Sparks For Uber Unique Crafting

Resplendent Sparks are needed to craft Uber Uniques, but the material can be hard to come by.


Diablo 4 Season 4 has introduced a ton of new ways to improve builds, and that includes Uber Unique crafting. In order to craft an Uber Unique, you will need four Resplendent Sparks, which can only be obtained a few ways. Once you have the four Resplendent Sparks and 50 million gold, you can speak to the Alchemist in any major city and go to the Transmutation tab. In that tab look for Transmute Sparks, which is where you can craft Uber Uniques.

What is an Uber Unique?

Only Uber Uniques that can be used by your class will be available to craft.
Only Uber Uniques that can be used by your class will be available to craft.

Uber Uniques are ultra-rare items that have very low drop rates. These are different from the regular Uniques that occasionally drop in Diablo 4. These items always drop at max item power and have some of the most powerful aspects in the game. Since they almost never drop, only occasionally appearing from some world bosses like Duriel, it will be much easier to craft than get one naturally.

There are only eight Uber Uniques in Diablo 4:

  • Andariel's Visage (all classes)
  • Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander (Druid and Sorcerer)
  • Doombringer (Barbarian, Necromancer, Rogue)
  • Harlequin Crest (all classes)
  • Melted Heart of Selig (all classes)
  • Ring of Starless Skies (all classes)
  • The Grandfather (Barbarian and Necromancer)
  • Tyrael's Might (all classes)

How to get Resplendent Sparks

There are four ways to get Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4 Season 4.

Complete the Seasonal Quest

The first method is to complete the Seasonal Quest by getting your Wolf's Honor Rank to level 18. You earn Wolf's Honor by completing the related quests and by completing tasks in Helltides. Killing enemies, completing events, and opening Helltide chests all award some amount of Wolf's Honor. At level 18, you are guaranteed to receive one Resplendent Spark as a reward. This can be done once per Season 4 character, so you can grind Resplendent Sparks by rolling new characters.

Defeat Uber Lilith

Uber Lilith can be fought in the Echo of Hatred in Fractured Peaks. This tough boss battle will require you to be at least level 90 and have a pretty well-made build. If you don't have max armor and resistances, it can be incredibly difficult to survive this fight, especially solo.

Defeating Uber Lilith the first time in Season 4 rewards both a Resplendent Spark and a random Uber Unique. If you don't like the Uber Unique that drops or aren't happy with the roll, you can scrap it for another Resplendent Spark.

Tormented Bosses

In Diablo 4 Season 4, you can summon Tormented versions of the various endgame bosses. Summoning the Tormented versions require you to be on World Tier 4 and to use an increased amount of summoning materials compared to normal. For example, summoning Varshan usually requires one Gurgling Head, Blackened Femur, Trembling Hand, and Malignant Heart. Summoning Tormented Varshan requires three of each and two Stygian Stones as well.

These Tormented versions are a higher level and much tougher to fight. Each boss drops one Resplendent Spark the first time you beat it, so if you have an abundance of summoning materials, it's worth doing.

Farm for Uber Uniques

The last method available to you is to farm for Uber Uniques by taking on the two endgame bosses that actually have a chance to drop them. Those bosses are Duriel and Andariel, both of which require you to get summoning materials from defeating other endgame bosses. You aren't likely to get Uber Uniques using this method, but it's the only method that is repeatable on the same character. Scrapping an Uber Unique you don't want will reward one Resplendent Spark.

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