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Diablo 4 Helltide Chests Stop Dropping Uber Uniques For Now After They Became Too Common

Uber Unique drops aren't supposed to be this easy to get.


Blizzard is pausing Uber Unique drops from Helltide Chests in Diablo 4 right after implementing a new patch that was supposed to make it easier to earn them.

Blizzard didn't say exactly why it was halting the Uber Unique drops. However, the announcement came soon after players reported earning Uber Uniques more quickly than expected. The 1.0.4 patch wasn't even out for a full 24 hours before Blizzard disabled them.

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"We have temporarily disabled Uber Uniques from dropping in-game while we address an issue with Helltide Chest drops," Blizzard announced on a Diablo discussion board. "Players will not be able to obtain the six Uber Unique items until a hotfix which we expect to be implemented on Friday afternoon Pacific Time. Other unique items will still be available from these chests."

Uber Uniques are the rarest items in Diablo 4. There are six of them that you can get from anywhere that also drops Unique items, but they have a much lower chance of dropping than their lower-rarity counterparts. A Diablo 4 developer had to confirm that they actually existed because of how difficult they were to find.

Some Diablo 4 players aren't happy about the rollback, especially the ones that couldn't take advantage of the increased drop rates on the night of the patch.

"I love how they took three weeks to fix the druid loot drop, and then only three hours to fix something people enjoyed," one Redditor grumbled.

Blizzard hasn't specified exactly when the hotfix will go live. If it all goes according to plan, then Uber Uniques should be enabled again by tonight.

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