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Diablo 4's Barbarian Will Get Some Early-Game Buffs Following Beta Feedback

"We don't want a player who creates a Barbarian to feel weak at low levels," game director Joe Shely said.


Feedback from Diablo IV's early access beta weekend will lead to the game's Barbarian class receiving some early-game buffs.

More than a few players noticed how the Barbarian seemed to struggle in the early levels of Blizzard's upcoming ARPG, while classes like the Rogue and Sorcerer had little trouble mowing through swarms of enemies and bosses alike. Now, it seems like changes will be made for the game's full release, which should be good news for those who prefer to get up close and personal with the armies of hell.

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In an interview with GamesRadar, game director Joe Shely said the Barbarian truly shines at higher levels. That's due to the fact that the Barbarian can equip more items than any other class, giving it higher overall stats and access to more legendary powers. However, Blizzard doesn't want to neglect how the Barbarian plays at low levels either.

"We don't want a player who creates a Barbarian to feel weak at low levels," Shely said. "So we need to balance the class so that their strength at the end game is realized in that they are powerful, but without making the game unfair at low levels."

As such, players can expect some buffs to come to the Barbarian to make them stronger at low levels. Shely pointed to the Barbarian's Hammer of the Ancients skill as one that is underperforming and could receive a buff.

Shely does note that no class will be perfectly balanced with every other class at specific levels. However, each class does need to be broadly balanced when it comes to early game, mid game, and late game, which is why Blizzard will be taking a look at making some changes balance changes to Barbarian, as well as specific Sorcerer lightning abilities, ahead of Diablo IV's release on June 6.

Diablo IV's open beta kicks off March 24 on PC and consoles, and will introduce the Druid and Necromancer into the mix. More than one million players checked out the Diablo IV early access beta (after battling some lengthy queue times on the first day). There are a number of rewards that carry over to the full version of the game for those who reach certain milestones in the beta, so be sure to read up on everything we know about the Diablo IV beta. For those looking to get the most out of the beta, check out GameSpot's Diablo IV guides.

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